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Stone fish industry - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Haimen Xingyun Lake to the river outlet, Xingyun Lake water flows through the Fuxian Lake. Hubei and Hunan to connect the river is also known as the river, only 2 km long. Although he is a short, the two sides have to do is win Mountain water, stones different holes. Haimen park that is built-in, Yishanbangshui, Tsui Cangyan wall, Hubei and Hunan is the resort of a natural landscape River in the middle of a stone tablet engraved on a poem: "Day to the Nebula ask Sally flow, only a total ban on fish do not swim. How is the limit of the Yangtze Tian Qian, right close by home had cut the gap ?? ??." This is the most Haimen Park "Intersection of Hubei and Hunan, the fish is not between" the "stone fish industry," wonders. Xingyun Lake as a result of the big fish Fuxian and the wave of anti - This stone for the community, and arrived back to the stone, with no contacts and was legendary.

Stone fish sector is also amazing Yagami
  Day, the Eight Immortals travel far and wide this point, the Assembly of Immortals Shanqingshuixiu see here, towering Cooper, Lin birds, the environment is very elegant. And therefore they have to a large rock in the river above playing chess chat. In the meantime Sin always great to hear both sides of the stones are flying from the sound of water, affecting the interest of the Assembly of Immortals. Tieguai Li order for us to have a quiet environment, do not sweep Yaxing Assembly of Immortals, with his iron walking stick percussion large piece of stone, would like to take the fish away, however, the more fish out the more Yue Huan, Until the original piece of smooth Large stones were uneven percussion, around the cave, thousands, grimace in pain Huoxiang an angry roar of the monster Fuwo in the river, not to scare away the fish, huge fish on both sides of the still water Yueqi beep.
?? ??
  At this time of playing chess Lu, He Xiangu surprised, and so on a Shih Chao-reliance look at the river: the clear river water, lining up groups of fish, the head of the small of the back from Fuxian Lake and Xingyun Lake, to swim. In this they are not yet close to the rocks when the speed is very fast, once close to the rocks this time on the apparent slow down the pace. At this point, the big fish swim in front looked Disturbed by anxiety, looking over, looked back from time to time behind the fish, as has entered a very dangerous boundary. Big fish swim in front of the tail Yi Bai force immediately Zhetou Arrow fled to the general, the back of the queue fish chaos immediately, and returned to hurry back, the speed, it is vertigo, as well as some fish-only Behind, impatient to leap the water, stir up the sound of water. The fish swim back to the same action, this is no wonder that from time to time there are rocks on both sides of the fish leap surface of the water, often passing the Voice of water. To see the situation, agreed that the Assembly of Immortals are here on earth is really a great spectacle. Lu temporary rise of the giant touch of his hand , The top pick in this huge letters "stone fish sector" vigorous and effective of the three characters. Later, people took this piece of rocks known as "fish stone circles," the fish sector is therefore named after the stone, but also the reputation spread far and wide.
Fuxian Lake, Xingyun Lake's why fish do not between old age and death claim?
  Why do these two fish If there is a non-aggression treaty between old age and death claim does not it? Investigation after investigation and found that different from the natural environment of Hubei and Hunan. Fuxian an average water depth of 87 meters, the deepest 151 meters, the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau is the deepest lake, is second only to China's Tianchi in Changbai Mountain's second largest lake in Sham Shui Po. The surrounding mountains, lake V uneven, rocky reefs everywhere. Lakes often the wind is strong, deep water waves, so a variety of lake water, zooplankton, and benthic organisms such as the snail, mussels, shrimp, and other small lake very clear is a "lack of eating Shaochuan" poor nutrition and lakes. In the worst such conditions, derived from the environment to adapt with the wave of anti-fish Its small body, such as Quicksilver, quick action, often producing eggs and stones in the wall between. Eggs are adhesive and a half, can be firmly attached to the Shek Pik, despite crazy winds and waves, can also open hatch.
?? Xingyun Lake, by contrast, is a shallow lake with an average depth of 9 meters, 12 meters the most. Surrounding farmland and more Multi-lake mud flat, organic material thick silting, the lake water with lush, plankton and benthic organisms are more abundant, belonging to the nutrition of the lake. In such a favorable environment to generate the first Spodiopogon, "Yangzunchuyou" big fish, big fish eggs are sticky and easy to attach water, suitable for high temperature, Bait in the water-rich growth, waves of water depth, water scarcity, of course, the Fuxian Lake at arm's length, and the wave of anti-fish do not like shallow-wave, deep mud muddy grass of Xingyun Lake. This may be the two types of fish, "Ji Quan voice heard phase, the phase between old age and death claim is not" the reasons for it.
  Haimen Jiangchuan County Park is located in connection Nebula Fu Xian Hubei and Hunan in the middle of the river, Lung Street Cunpang Zhenhai door, about 17 km from the county seat, also known as rock fish community parks, is a community-based fish rock spectacle, including a variety of tourist scenic landscape.
  It was "a little Southern Yunnan Chi" set: "Jiangchuan its two fish to stone for the community, the more afraid to Jiang, the more soldiers if the fight is like. Xingyun Lake of the big fish go to Stone, Zhetou on the back, against the current on the back; and the scramble to the water's really a joy to surf the waves of anti-fish, travel in groups, and the stone arrived, and downstream, to know each other Ban. For thousands of years, the spectacle attracts all the visitors come here especially to make stone fish industry reputation spread far and wide, and are included in "Chinese people Dictionary. " In May 1989, Jiangchuan County People's Government for its heritage unit at the county level.
  Stone fish industry
  There are a large number of parks and community stone fish-related cultural wonders. "Stone fish sector", "full-sun separately Shu", "Piyun with water," and "Shi Jing-scale strange" and "have their own fish "Stone; and Liu Yi-an account book of the same fairy tale of" fish industry in mind, "the monument; Yunnan in the Ming Dynasty Xunanjiangsi Rui view of the fish community made wonders of the sigh after the title poem in the" title-border stone fish, "the monument; Qing Li Jiaqing by 2002, existing in the sector of Guanyin Genei stone fish. Hang around these people forget scenery, thousands of reverie Chung King with stones
  Haimen around the park "Haimen Yeyue" and "Solitary Hill late Vision" and has a beautiful myths and legends of the "girl cliff," "Wild cattle," "Pan-kun Kwu Tung" and other natural landscape and "we have a brighter future", "sa Even water, "stone, so that Haimen park into a multi-level More than the fine scenery and scenic spot attracting more and more Chinese and foreign tourists.

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