Saturday, November 29, 2008

West-Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

West-Park have a relative elevation of about 60m karst hills and 8400m2 of spring water ponds, lush flowers and trees in the mountains, there are hundreds of old trees fragrance. Spring exposed the deep pool of the population of about 1.5-2m, pool with an area of about 22m. There is about 12m, single 4.5m high and the Ming and Qing Ping Qiao Longgang on behalf of the temple, Longquan Temple stage, Kwun Yam Temple, Feng Jian-ting, and so on, the park Piyou Tomb of the martyrs, Stephen Tam large pool surface repair a wood floor, Tse Ting, and water ?? ?? twists and turns on the promenade, a new water Angtou 30m-long blue dragon. Park has cultivated flowers, artificial trees, the forest road system.
?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? located in Chengjiang county in the northwest 4km, is located in carrot Jie Zhen Long Cunpang, Liang Lu-foot downhill Strip. Park Hill Gang to the rear of the Broom karst mountain, the old trees in wooded mountains, and the foot holes in the Karst springs exposed, the flow of about 0.4m3 /s, forming pools. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, here are built on Zuosigeyu stage and pavilion. Built in 1942 for the West-Park. In 1950, construction of the Park Tower and the martyrs cemetery, in 1980 and planned renovation.
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?? ?? 1980 years as a county-level protection of one of the eight spots, in 1980, the Government Special funds for planning and renovation, repair Pavilion Temple House, and the new West Longtan water in the giant You Long attractions, the resumption of the annual Dragon Boat Festival in May, and other activities of the stage during the annual Dragon Boat Festival in 5 days, visitors can visit this park Up to more than 50,000 people.

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