Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bin Wu Tse Ting Dongxing - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Is a tour break, the ideal holiday, state farms in Hainan is a tourist point. Wu Tse Ting-bin, located in the Department of Dongxing farm overwhelming tropical green plants, coconut, rubber, pepper, coffee, and other tropical green sea Fangqianwuhou, lush forests, roadside flowers, cool breeze blowing, the tree light Put flowers sway, Canada Niaoyu Lin, Bee butterflies love flowers, one Chunyiangran, scenic, winding trail on both sides of the areca, coconut trees stand take place; linked to the nursery garden plants, the fight between Yan Yan, thousands of colorful, East Afloat surface of a pond surface of the rectangular house, the pond water as a mirror and the Netherlands want to drop the green. Fish flies, Shi few. Room luxury villa decoration, air-conditioning equipment, high-level furniture, wool carpet, color TV, water heater and so on. Filled with all sorts of physical barriers around the shape of the flowers potted landscape, the environment is very tranquil beauty. The villa is on both sides of the multi-color marble golden glazed tile decorated by the two-story restaurant and dance hall, a restaurant in part of the , Built in a part of the lake and promenade with Shuixie, pavilions, the use of glass tile roof will be covered, ANGLE, the corridor after another, around the growth of various tropical plants, bamboo Lin Xiu, is a direct step A King, Bin Wu Tse-ting in the 1980s were the first to enter the market for many years, Chinese and foreign tourists who come to hear the history of stream Must have received France, Britain, Germany, Japan, Belgium, the United Nations and other dignitaries. Fan Bin Wu Tse-ting to visit or resting, all of their teeth better environment full of praise, away. Leaders in 1986 when Wang visited Hainan to staying here for the Su touch the landscape, not help, Hui Wrote: "Dongxing Tse Ting Wu Bin."

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