Sunday, December 28, 2008

Shi Mei Wan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the southeast of Wanning City, 30 km from the county seat. Shi Mei Wan Shan three sides, facing the sea, Yamagata beautiful, lush vegetation, there are large areas of coconut, rubber, and other tropical crops. On the beach natural growth of the world's largest remaining area of rare trees - green Pilling (1.4 million) in the Qing Dynasty on the protection and attention Guangxu 27 years "from government ban," the monument, it is still remain on the coastal beaches. Here has been identified as a National Nature Reserve. Shi Mei Wan long at both ends of the beach, the sea to rise amid two out. Harbor usually calm, coastal white jade on the beach, close to within 100 meters water depth of 3 m, however. Beach, about 7 km. On Triangle area not far from a beautiful island called Island Wells added. Island while surrounded by spray, little Baiou; plants on the island, thousands of rock. There will be a seaside tourist resort.

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