Sunday, December 28, 2008

The United States and palm Twin Towers - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Department of the Yuan Dynasty ancient tower, known as the "sister tower." According to the "Taiwan is Jeannet Chi" set, Chen Yuan Dynasty and Syria were two women, the eldest daughter married, become of Women for Nigeria. To commemorate the two women, he built the tower. Tower 17 meters high, were flat for a long hexagonal floor, the existing six-storey, loft-style structure Fangmu. There are canopies on each floor tower, on even-Block, One to three, each cylinder has Yanxia 12, with the support brackets Fang. From the fourth floor, the outer layers only half a hidden column upon opening the door tickets Jianxing Kannei empty Buddha, have to string the middle seat carved with a crown sitting Xiang Yizun. Another plane was square, seven minutes, with the appearance of the structure on the same tower, but more Tired of, each wall inside the shrine are a statue of Buddha carved, different attitude to be along the string for the seat lianpan decoration in a row, surrounded by carved with elephants, lions, Xie Zhi, tiger, horse, unicorn and Rui Shan Buddhist relief pattern, 1.40 There are also carving Book backwater, with brake for the wheel bead ding. Twin Towers is 20 meters tall and have a platform of the Hill stand in water Around the table with railings, steps.
The United States as a whole Twin Towers palm-style appearance coordination section, change each other, carving the delicate and painstaking work, it Qiongzhou stone for the art. Twin Towers surrounded by a long Chuk Lam, BUZZ streams, quiet environment, Yi Jing, visitors to feel as if the party into the Pure Land, go a long way The feeling of nature.
Twin Towers is the United States and palm Hainan existing one of the few ancient tower, not only to study the development of Hainan's ancient civilization and the history of architecture to provide a direct basis, but also has a large tourism value.

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