Sunday, December 28, 2008

Red Detachment of Women statue - Chinese tourism scenic spots

South Gate is located in Qionghai City of Park Jie Xin, by the statue carved from granite, even the base of the total 6.8 m high. Woman Warrior Jiaochuan statue of straw sandals, Zhu Li shoulder, busy, the Red Army's heroism bull by the horns to show full out. Hu has a positive base of the statue's inscription reads: "The Red Detachment of Women." "Red Detachment of Women"??????that is the second independent women's division Tewu Lian-jun, was founded in May 1, 1931, even the female soldiers in Qiongya special committee under the leadership of the CPC, completed the outstanding leadership of the defense agencies, launched The masses, and other tasks, and in line with the main combat forces, an ambush in the sand ridge cap, the removal of Yangjiang And other heroic battle enemy, in order to set the revolutionary exploits of Hainan Island. In 1990, Hainan Provincial People's Government to determine the focus for the Red Detachment of Women statue commemorating the revolution to protect the building units.

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