Sunday, December 28, 2008

Xisha Islands? Seven Lantau Link - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Seven of the Xisha Islands Lantau Link was on the north side of the West Wing Island sand (Zhao Shu is a part of the island), North Island, the island in three Zhi-zhi Aberdeen, South Island, north of Sha Chau (a red grass), sand (red Second grass), South sand (three red grass), a seven islands of Sha Chau and collectively, but in recent years because of the relationship between the typhoon, The new form south of the two sand - the new West and East Sha Chau of the new sand, and their top seven islands collectively known as Chau Island even seven. When the Hainan Island from the ship to Sai fast approaching when the Yongxing Island (fast supply vessels, from Yongxing Island, only half an hour away), first of all to see is a lighthouse stands a seven links Link West sandbar on the northern end of the island of Zhao Shu, and even seven Lantau Island 10 10 Chau as bright as the pearl-like Paosa arc in the sea, around the Yongxing Island.


  Even each of the seven Lantau Island area about the size of 10 football pitches, a high degree of elevation in three or four meters away from the island of Yongxing Island recent voyage 6 nautical miles, 1 hour fishing can be arrived at. As a result of natural conditions, even the seven uninhabited Island so far. Plant on the island are low Scaevola bush, and so on, the occasional bird habitat, and good luck can also pick up eggs. Some thick sand on the island, rich in fresh water with sand, sand wells may be sweet ?.

  White, delicate coral sand around the island of Lantau Link seven continents, sea water is very clear, clean, and bright sunshine, visible to the naked eye on the transparency of the water up to 30 meters away. This is not immersed in sea water is the absolute sincerity of the South China Sea, I am sorry your heart.

  Here Is the world's best diving tourist submarine Park. Easy to wear the diving equipment, slowly walked into clean, warm water, immerse ourselves into the soft cotton attractive Harbor is underwater ... ... a large variety of colorful coral reefs and soft corals, coral, shrimp Children, constantly shuttling fish, swim out into the swim Some of the color of the fish in the sea and the sun shining on the refraction, the colorful flash of light, lobster, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, starfish, horseshoe Lo ... ... a wide range, just to name a few. In addition, seven countries have even Harbor Island for a class of protected species of coral red, the Treasury's car clam shellfish, Nautilus, as well as the protection of animals Dai II , Sea turtles, dolphins, and so on.

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