Sunday, December 28, 2008

Asia is booming style garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Romantic style, Ye Feng Rhine drunk tourists, tropical China - Hainan Island, the picturesque scenery, unique hot springs. Tourism is booming in the Chinese resort city, the use of the natural landscape to build a prosperous Asian style garden, visitors can understand the garden in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and India, the country's architectural style. Xinglong Overseas Chinese Farm, has been received from the settlement of the world in 21 countries and regions, returned overseas Chinese, returned overseas Chinese though have been living here in 20-50 years, but they are still living in the country proficient in a variety of indigenous cultures, most of the people Pure said Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam and other countries of the language, Southeast Asian countries keep way of life, customs and so on. Sun Fat-singing, there is a world in the matter in Taoyuan. In the style park visitors can enjoy the culture of the Southeast Asian countries, etiquette and food culture, to appreciate that returned overseas Chinese and their descendants from Indonesia's performance, with rich Indonesian ethnic song and dance style, visitors can devout Festival Thailand's "Simian Fo" and have a chance to taste the flavor of a variety of food products in Southeast Asia, the scenery is unlimited coconut whirling shadow, we hope to the United States, both Chinese folk song and slow dance or pop Kuangwu can enjoy life with coconut Matched tree, sparkling in the dim light spring night time is more intoxicating charm, but also on the east coast tourist island of coconut wind A shining star of the line. Asia is booming style park is the Green World, The Song of the Ocean, the United States and the environment, there will undoubtedly be your classic romantic trip memories left.

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