Sunday, December 28, 2008

Xinglong Hot Springs - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wanning County, located in the Xinglong Overseas Chinese Farm in the territory in the eastern suburbs, the beautiful Sun River. Where beautiful scenery and beautiful landscape. Or the most famous hot springs, spring has more than 10, 60 ? Four Seasons maintain underground mineral water. Water rich in minerals, transpiration of water vapor with a faint fragrance. One bath, skin diseases, Guan Yan and neurasthenia, and so have the therapeutic effect.

In the prosperous and famous hot springs of coffee there. Xinglong coffee is returned from abroad in small species, Chaozhi technology is the transmission of returned overseas Chinese. Chong assail the nostrils out of the coffee flavor, color English taste. Farm Park for the Heat, there are imported from tropical fruit And medicinal herbs, spices more than 100 kinds of plants, during a walk, posture stem experience of the attitudes of tropical plants, it is cool mind and eye.

In addition, the booming hot spring near the Xinglong Tropical Garden, Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden and South-East Asia, such as the village life of leisure tourism, has become eat, live, play, multi-functional bath Sets of sufficient size to Hot Springs Resort.


  Taiwan pavilion here to enjoy full, shady trees, flowers Yan, Wu spent my language. Hot Springs has been around a pond, spring out from time to time, Chang strings of beads of water, as if the Feifei Ock, more than 10 spring, the water temperature to keep the four seasons 60 ?. History set, which is booming in the original settlement of most of the people of Li nationality, sparsely populated, and later, Min many people in this kind of wasteland betel nut, rubber, and gradually turned into a small market, at the time of the Qing Dynasty officials here said they intended to "booming" Up, "booming" became the title here. In l951, a large number of Malay Asia, Indonesia returned home, the State Council decided to organize them to develop here, the first batch of more than 700 people have come here to set up the Xinglong Overseas Chinese Farm, continued after the Xinglong Overseas Chinese Farm become the resettlement of returned overseas Chinese settlements. Now here have been resettled from a total of 21 countries and regions, a total of more than l2000 Overseas Chinese, with a total population of 26,000 people.

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