Sunday, December 28, 2008

Um Guanglang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Danzhou City is located in the southern outskirts of the town and is a disgrace Su Home Danzhou lived for three years when the premises. Song Sheng years, Su and his son early Danzhou, the very local Zhang Zhou Guan Su respect, so that the Soviet Union Official home of the father and son live in the house, made official on a regular basis to give them food. Who knows not last the following year in Hunan Dong Leizhou about the incident, it will send to the expulsion. Su and his son nowhere to take shelter, the situation is bleak, local officials and the public have great sympathy for, along with help in the south of the Su-Lin Guanglang housing, with the help of fellow townsfolk built a hut 3. Although Chong Yi around the breeding, but in a hut "Bamboo Leaf Begonia who sticks" Guanglang forest, the relief of Yu will Dongpo cottage named "Um Guanglang." In the same year, Su help villagers fought a well, Stephen sweet enough water, the villagers called it "Dongpo well." For centuries, well water has dried up. Um Su Guang Lang is in Danzhou three years of life remains, and all of its history into The expansion of repair many times. Guanglang Om is the current local government in recent years of specialized rehabilitation. Transportation: access to the sea by the province to Danzhou Express steam, and then take the bus to the local attractions.

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