Sunday, December 28, 2008

Xisha Islands? Ishijima - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ishijima Xisha Islands is the oldest one, at least it has more than 10,000 years old. Ishijima was the highest in the Xisha island. Some people say that is the Isle of Sai Sha, "Kim Woo-tower," said Kim Woo-tower is not only because it's like a pyramid shape, but also because it has such a mysterious pyramid-like mystery. Xisha Islands Most of the island by corals, shellfish, such as bio-accumulation of sand and gravel from, is a loose rock. Ishijima only by certain bio-layered sandstone composition, very hard rock. And layered with other biological structure of sandstone is also different from the normal biological layered sandstone is at the bottom of the upper age longer than some, but completely Ishijima Counter, the Isle of this phenomenon has been scientifically can not be reasonably explained. Ishijima from Yongxing Island, only a few kilometers between the two islands by building an artificial dam into the connected. I was surrounded by large areas of coral reefs in the beach between the two islands, when low tide can clearly see the bottom of the reef, is the blue Lvlv From a distance, the average for a whole Large, but in fact the bottom of the reef is rugged Xun's farms.

  Ishijima into the door was guarded, as long as we can call into play the sound. No masking the island, is the only plant grass and 12 artificial plants litterfall of the strain. There are a small monument, engraved monument: Sai Ishijima, with a map of China. Ishijima the reef is unique, each stone by a stack of layers of dark gray reef, a circle of very good-looking. Under these stones, there are several Lv Yingying the pool, at low tide when it is estimated that 23 m deep, equipped with a black circle on the rocks just Tianchi is a day of the temple. Ishijima due Yingzhuo Feng, than most other services are big waves appeared. Ishijima reef on the sea, a small spring, but also cellular density, all because of the waves; in the attack in the sea caused by the phenomenon.

  Ishijima from the surrounding, the thinner the sea in addition to the sand , Jin Zhao almost all shallow-water coral reefs Beach, there is a small section at a clear line of separation of the coral reefs Beach, just like a natural form of the Road field, like an odd way. Ishijima standing on the side can look to the surging sea coral beach, it is clear that it is a level of access, which in peacetime and are looking at Is completely different.

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