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Baishi Ridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baishi Ridge Hainan Province, is 20 best tourist attractions (point), is located in Qionghai City, 12 km south-west, from the Island Highway East Baishi Ridge export westbound only 6 kilometers, 92 kilometers away from Haikou. Total area of 16.24 square kilometers, from high mountain ridge, and other components.

  Baishi Ridge (Yongdusan) Hainan's tourism zone is a bright "Pearl" by the peerless display only the edge of Hainan Island native tribes gather in the nation - "Shen Migu" (native tribes still retains eat soil, grazing practices), Humanities area (a total of 18 landscape), Baishi Ridge (Yongdusan) natural scenic area of tropical forests ( 20), the elegant fashion of the modern leisure playground - as well Greenpeace Huacao Chang air travel cable composed of a total of three plates.

  Ridge Baishi Ridge is the highest high, 328 meters above sea level. Hill-like changes in the Wanduan, walk-for-shaped. Yamashita craggy rocks, thousands of Cave deep, unfathomable magic. Every cloud Around, flickering peaks, the erratic and volatile in Utah are illusory. Ridge has 1308 stone mountain cliffs and paste, Gordon's impressive, "Eight Baishi Ridge", viewing the character River.

  There are many around the Baishi Ridge Reservoir, Mountain View, add a lot of the Smart Xiuse.

  White Dan Ling Eight: tower columns, Kim Chi drive, Vision Qingshitan head, Tsui Ping Yong, kongtong wind screen, spray cattle Cang, granite-Wei Cai, Chu Yun-Bi marsh. "Kongtong wind screen" on board the 300 level, Baishi Ridge is the best landscape "pillars tower." Qing Wang Ju Ren local Chongyou poem read: "The Towering mountains and wasteland Zhi Heng violet fluorescent color means. Not from the ladder step-class, with a total Teng-free Ge am being led back. Qing Jie-dust in the air, around the tree-to-ri, want to ask what lay by the year, suddenly Yuxuan to reverie. "Vividly describes the" pillars tower "and the towering quiet realm of pure, if the circumstances are, their feelings when will all the more strange. Ridge has 1000 tons on top of huge, pale colors therefore Baishi Ridge got its name. Boulder hanging in the air, it scared yet unhurt. From different angles to view this piece of stone, their various shapes: looking down from above, such as the faltering of the turtle; Ling Ha from the look, like the Pentium Horse, brought to life. Next to a huge Cave, blowing winds, Se Se-ri of music issued from time to time, Shashi charming. Since ancient times, people are not only stone in his praise of this nature Timmia charming, yet with the Teana The Sound of Music intoxicating, he is different from King's Department. There are burial Hong Lifang, scale cloth coffin burial, "Ban Xian" Tanglie Baishi Ridge and the betel nut and many other beautiful legend. Taishi Hong metaphysics of the Qing Dynasty had heart Baishi Ridge called the "Aura full of gods." Baishi Ridge Scenic matched landscape, spread all over the reservoir, River from the foot of the mountain like a jade belt matched reservoirs spread all over, like a jade belt River from the foot of the mountain and have Wanting. The new Baishi Ridge Resort Village, an international golf course, coconut Chong Chai, Islands And the Villa Restaurant, and other facilities available for people to leisure, play hard.

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