Sunday, December 28, 2008

St. hectoliter - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tao is famous for its ancient and modern wonders of the first, standing outside in the River to the sea about 150 meters southwest of Hong Kong and the Boao Hai Bibo big door of a black stone block more than the Lei Cheng, a few meters above the sea of huge rocks. In the past, and let the wind and waves hit this stone chest high, fixed Wei-ran, the holy spirit Wei, the people As "St. hectoliter." Hectoliter St. Andrew's head is the most vivid spectacle of a few hours after the storm. Whenever heavy rains, flash floods bet, River, Long River roll, 9 River water level will rise together, fall together, surging to over Hong Kong to Boao. And this time, not to be outdone in the sea, but with greater momentum, set off a A huge wave, towards the red in the face of the past three into head-JIANG Hong-tao, two from the opposite happened at the same time Jutao impact on the St. hectoliter, roar into the water, into the sea. Two red physiognomy of the Ju Tao, a round of a round head and rushed into, again and again Zhuangde blown to pieces, and a trip trip Integrated flow, roll, spin, forward setting after the collision, the Mercedes-Benz in San hectoliter around the spectacular scenery of strange. . Janitor's room compared ancient times, a literary tour hectoliter St., spirits are made, they will use Huibi River in the scene "Lotus stack," and this "saint hectoliter" King,

Write a couplet. Together on a "lotus Guanyin heap preaching fish listen to explore. "Xia Lian:" On the Road, San hectoliter Confucius wave fans laugh. "Up and down a few words, the antithesis neat, hidden wonders, so far as the story Chuan.

St. hectoliter strange, since ancient times been a magical legend: in ancient times, as a result of the collapse of Heaven four sides so that the land of eternal fire, Suffering from chain and the beast Xiongqin harm people. In the sky kind-hearted and hard-working Nu Wa, in order to lift the suffering of the people, they set up giant furnace, a colored rock Lian to make up for heaven. Nu Wa rock Lian, as a result of lost time, a black rock fall. This stone ramp impartial, just falling in Hong Kong and the Boao access to the sea, so that the stones here are sudden, people "St. hectoliter." The rock legend, is the expression of the ancient and beautiful wishes of the psychological kind-hearted. Ming Dynasty Club Jiajingnianjian county magistrate Lu Peng's "St. hectoliter to defend the sea" poem:

Wang Miao vast sea suspect, who taught the town of San Shek waterfront. Origin of the natural barrier set up here, but also where to find the Jintang. That the poem, Hectoliter is a "natural barrier set up to" The Greatest Places, it appears that there is scientific justification.

Boao Tourism Scenic Area, with its rich and unique scenery, plus the complete set of tourist facilities, warm and thoughtful services, tourism, attract foreign tourists all the year round waves.

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