Sunday, December 28, 2008

Longmen Fluxus - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Danzhou City located in the seaside town of Man-E Longmenshan. Block, standing Longmenshan is on the coast of the rock mountain, the highest point 39 m, the rocks on the mountain rocks, north from the south, stretches and downs, like a section of the Great Wall, magnificent. East Mountain urn with a door-hereinafter referred to as "the first day of South Gate," more than 30 meters high, 20 meters wide, hollow Wind, was the rock arch, lift north wind and waves, hit at Shihmen, songs such as drums, more than 10 responses, it is named "Dragon Fluxus." Here Miangen 4 km of coastline, beaches clean, ashore thousands of stone, the scenery and unique, stand-Dan Guantao, relaxed and happy, Hainan Province, is well-known tourist attractions. Legend has it that long ago, there is a stone Plowshares, long-term impact of Sui Bo, to shovel Haikan Stones, the Longmen are on the rise steeply shaped. Its a hole in the wall on that fine-range, which can run hundreds of people. According to the "Dan records," records, Li Ming Dynasty at the head of the Organization Celastrus LI Han people after the uprising failed, the rebels have more than the Department of Shou Here, "Hu Shan Hu Hai", elusive, with more than 10 officers and men deal with During the Spring and Autumn.

Fluxus Longmen in the Ming Dynasty named to the visitors by amazing. Bagong Qing Chen Zhuang Qi Jue has a title: "The gantry Saga Qiao Shi power, influx of looking to roll Pepper. Man Road, difficult roads of Shu Jing, I still have the rural way more dangerous" Feelings of Xie Jing, thought-provoking.

Fluxus Yangpu Development Zone, adjacent to the gantry, with the Yangpu Development, the goal Fluxus landscape of visitors increasing fame spread far and wide.

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