Sunday, December 28, 2008

Nam Shan Dong Tian size of the tourist area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nam Shan Dong Tian size of the tourist area is located in Sanya City, 40 km west of the beach, some 13 km away from the ends of the earth. Cijing Ji Yang Song Dynasty is known military forces, after the construction of Yazhou Maokui County.

This strange combination of beautiful sea view, Mountain View, and Shi, seamounts with side each other, sight. Jiang Ze General Secretary to visit the wonders of seamounts, scenic spots of their acclamation, impromptu inscription "clear water, far from suffering, Qiongya full of spring." Ya Zhou Wan string arc Barry, the boundless expanse of blue water; Aoshan Cui Lin Yun Shen, Qi Dong-You; coast Shengongguifu is over the size of the stone. Between the mountains like a beautiful ancient scroll painting and calligraphy. Resort Still has a long history of the famous sites, so far left "Dong Tian", "Diao Tai", "wonders of seamounts," "Sin ladder", "celestial sign," "test Jianfeng," Cliff poetry stone ages. Buddhist monk in the Tang Dynasty Monk Jianzhen rate Rongrui study in Japan, and shines his Cheung-yan, and his Situo Tianbao of the Tang Dynasty in 2007 (748 ) East of the fifth Japan, drifting on the sea event of a typhoon landing point in the repair of large cloud Temple, Buddhism spread, leaving future generations a much-told tale. Now here Jianzhen monks and their disciples completed a large-scale granite sculptures.

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