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Live at the dawn of the millennium the world - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Goto east longitude at sea in the Gulf 109 �, latitude 18 �, located away from Sanya City in the urban areas over 30 kilometers in the territory Lin Wang, China sunrise of the new millennium is the world's television broadcast of the scene. Sanya, China Central Television choice rattan sea and the Gulf of Taishan sunrise (the time for the 6:50 to 7:30) with a threshold of the new In the first ray of sunshine to the world live.

According to the astronomers and the provision of meteorological data and information on each of the last few decades of Sanya on January 1 of the 100% probability of Sunrise, Sunrise off the exact time is 07:12:56, in 2000 Japan Point of view to 114 degrees.

Specially built for the event are: Yu Hai Road east entrance to the Gulf at the scene of 10 km of rural roads, built on the beach "10 minutes of water drip Taiwan," which can accommodate nearly 2,000 people 3 50-meter-long " Stands, "Lookout, as well as the 4 Moving public toilets, 10 kilometers of fiber optic cable for mobile communications, machine room, office, and other ancillary works.

At 4 o'clock on January 1, 2000, people rushed from all sides to gather here. 5:30, a few kilometers of the beach brought together nearly 10,000 people.

6:30, Eastern white, is the beginning of the mountain. 6:51, far from turning into a cloud Margaret Hongxia, a spectacular fire in general. The crescent-shaped beach, a few lovely innocent children carrying buckets from the sea to take water into the shore --- Tonghudilou old timer, this "water clock" is our ancestors In 1000 prior to the invention. CCTV set up on land, sea and air 6 of the video camera is hard work. Jing Yidan host in the face of global 138 countries, more than 1,000 cities in 40 million people, said: "This is the People's Republic of China in Sanya City of Hainan Province ... ...." 200 AD In at 7:16 on January 1, rattan in Sanya Bay, some distance from the sea's horizon, the first round of the new millennium, the sun broke through the clouds, gushing out. 7:17, the red sun slowly changed change round, like the smiling faces of children. 7:18, as more and rising fast, a red sun finally broke through the floor Cloud, a dazzling injection. Court music sounded, it was facing the sun, lively dance. The sun came out! To wake up the earth!

China Central Television presenters at the scene said Jing Yidan, Sanya is China's southern gate, but also the reform and opening up the frontier zone. Sanya choice as the new thousand The first round of direct sun location, is a symbol of the spirit of the times.

After that, in Hainan Province and the leadership of the guests for the opening of the Sunrise Memorial stone.

"China in 2000 meet the world's sunrise live," the celebration of the world to understand Sanya provided a good machine At the same time, Sanya also provided a rare opportunity, to come to Sanya celebrating the new millennium, visitors estimated to reach about 100,000 people.

At the same time, there will be the world's 138 countries, more than 1,000 television stations, more than 10,000 cities in a 24-hour celebration of the new millennium, the world's roll Broadcast. China Central Television's "meet the sunrise of the new millennium," two large-scale programs will be broadcast live on television with the United States and the United Kingdom and a global network to broadcast live coverage of the program nearly 100 countries, the world's 40 million people watching.

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