Saturday, December 27, 2008

Longevity Valley - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In Nam Dong Lu, the Valley, the landscape was shaped vertical stretch, according to mountaineering and powerful, straight to the clouds, the total length of 2300 meters Valley line. In the meantime keep birds, stream flow, green and luxuriant trees, towering rock strange. Designers Using natural-sheng, from different angles, "mobile" and "static" to reveal the status of the traditional "life" Of the core. The main landscape, including: In accordance with the relevant mentioned in the Buddhist Guanyin is "immeasurable life Buddha" of the bodies and recorded in the construction of 1.8-meter-high bronze "immeasurable life Buddha"; on behalf of the valley by a stream of water, an exercise salvation of all sentient beings Water for the copper leather, "Venerable water"; engraved with famous calligrapher Qi Gong Xian The book "Shoubinanshan" the great stone, and so on.

In order to further tap the Chinese tradition of "life" culture, to show the full value of their history and a long life, to further enrich the local folk culture atmosphere, a new design, unique ideas to life the rich culture of heat Rainforest features a large-scale natural landscape garden "long valley" in the Nanshan Cultural Tourism will be built in the region and was "the first Chinese longevity Nanshan Cultural Festival" officially open to tourists.

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