Saturday, December 27, 2008

End of the World Tropical Ocean Zoo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

At "the ends of the earth" 300 meters on the west side of stones, stone road connected to the forest. In Coconut Grove, Yusha, between the blue sea, covers an area of 50 acres. 4,000 million in the first phase of investment, have been completed and the park has a tropical marine aquarium, seabirds Park Museum crocodile, turtle, and other Hall 8 viewing pleasure, dolphins are performing sea lions Crocodile shows, performances of birds, sea turtles with longevity as tropical marine aquarium display of leopard shark and white shark fin, Yan living coral and fish and so on more than 400 kinds of tropical marine life. Seabirds Museum, Museum turtle, crocodile museum show in southern China were a number of rare birds, dozens of parrots, a variety of rare sea turtles from Thailand and the introduction of the Crocodile Bay Hainan Province is the only exploitation of living marine resources of large multi-purpose sites.

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