Saturday, December 27, 2008

Boundary Island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Boundary Hainan Island location is an important watershed. The island is part of the range cattle, cattle North Lingnan different climate. Here we can see that often wonders: in the summer, the North of heavy rainfall, Lingnan is a bright and sunny. From a distance looked like a whole boundaries Island lying in the sea of beautiful women, it was Sleeping Beauty for the island, careful observation, can see a bit of spirit. Island attractions from the boundary map, the entire island of life by the turtle Bay, Turtle Bay blessing of the two components of the beach. Lu Ling, as well as turtles can climb the top of the hill overlooking the park, Turtle Bay is one of life's Beach is located, and Wan-fu turtle is attached to bear in large Dongtian, more Out of a different view. Qiantu along the road (covered with a stone sculpture of money Hill Road) on the Peak Park, overlooking the South China Sea, the Blue Jimu will let you feel the shock of the current scenic beauty ... ... Bi You have the "Seven Wonders", " Dong Tian "," La Aegiceras Yan "," Qian Tu, "and so on a number of the twentieth landscape. At the same time In addition to the open sea, a scenic tourist, drag parachute at sea, the sea fishing at sea, and other conventional entertainment, but also introduced the reef diving, cliff diving, cave diving, and other new projects. Motor boats at sea, undersea walk, beach bars, and other unique entertainment on the sea, visitors can experience an unprecedented novel and stimulating To allow the heart to fly in the sky, so enjoy in the sea, to experience the natural Chau boundary to give the better!

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