Sunday, December 28, 2008

Coconut Island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lingshui Township is located in Coconut Grove Village row, Lingshui River exit, only 5 km away from the county seat, with a total area of about 1 square km. Lingshui river like a silver ribbon, surrounded by coconut in the island around slowly into the sea. This island surrounded by clear water, coconut dress. Have to land on the island by boat, Zhou Ying Shen Zi Xian state of the coconut trees, the waves wash heart Di Zou Zhe The Rhine, is a Shangri-la to the sea in Wonderland. The high-sighted land on the island to the south, the only female double large stone in the sea, the fight against the wind and waves, dependent on phase. Looking down at close, green coconut matched green water, fishing boats with seabirds show. Islands less than 100 meters, there is a temple, built in the Guangxu years, the incense peak seasons, the extraordinary excitement, Coconut Island has added to the magic of many colors.

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