Sunday, December 28, 2008

Quetta - - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ocean Tower is located in Qionghai city southwest of the town of about 500 meters, mixed high and low in the crown of coconut leaves, Quetta-stands, against the sky. It is the preservation of Hainan, the most complete one of the ancient architecture.

According to the "Joan East County" records, Quetta together for 21 years Wanli in the Ming Dynasty (1599) Jean-ken East Construction of the chapter. Reported in the construction of a tower during the night, Lu chapter in a dream saw a night by the name of Huo, wearing a green dress, standing on the top read: "The days of play Quetta even Jia Di." As a result, the tower of life "Quetta together."

Quetta-high 30 meters, a total of seven, each higher level High-wide and have accordingly reduced. Hollow tower, at the end of Tazuo there, surrounded by walls of the main entrance of the north, there is the top-Mei Shi Bian, a letter, "Quetta together." Tower-like building in the Tang Dynasty, ancient and unique style. Eight each from the outside wall structure, a loft-style brick tower canopy, the seven build a false door, only to build a real door. True North Gate Open from the door into the real, through a negative turn of the turn Jiaqiang small staircase, will be on the second floor. Television so high, until the top of the tower. Department-phase at all levels of brick buildings which have canopies and beautiful and strong. Across the top of a tree, climbed up rafter can stand in a circular tower on top. Looking around the view, trees, Wo Tsui, Bihe, do Honglian close eye , A great open-minded, self-entertainment Tao Tao sense of God.

Quetta together, not only for the study of ancient architecture in Hainan history of the development of civilization and architecture to provide a direct basis, and have greater tourism, aesthetic appeal.

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