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Ali Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ngari is located in the western Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, north of Xinjiang, Qinghai, and Nagqu area for the East, Xigaze Prefecture, southwest of Kashmir with India and Nepal, which borders the country, as long as a border more than 1,000 kilometers, is China's longest border region .

  For the whole territory of the Himalayas, Karakoram Kong at the end and surrounded by Mount, gar jurisdiction, leather and Kyrgyzstan, were changed, Cuoqin, Japan, Turkey, Zada, Kaplan seven counties with a total area of 340,000 square kilometers (10,000 square kilometers of which contain 3,5 Sino-Indian dispute area ), Larger than the United Kingdom, Germany and the equivalent of two, three more than the area of Zhejiang Province. As the living environment of evil , Has a population of only 70,000 people, is the world's human population density and the survival of the local minimum.

  Ali area 4,500 meters above sea level on average, for most of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, which was known as the "roof of the world's roof", "The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau."

  End Low-temperature freezing, the average annual temperature of less than zero, Shiquanhe Town, extreme winter minimum temperature of -41 degrees in the summer of extreme maximum temperature of 21 degrees, a large temperature difference between day and night, in a small temperature difference, as the temperature was a high degree of vertical elevation changes throughout the year to snow ; Occasional snow in winter, but because of traffic blocking the population living in scattered Easy to form a severe snowstorm, which in recent years to 1998 and 2002, the most serious disaster in 2002 and three-meter-thick snow the most, because of traffic disruption, Kaplan, Zanda County starvation up to a week or so, people, animals die of starvation, cold Dead serious at the same time the spread of the epidemic; summer rainfall is concentrated, basically June until by the end of August, mountain torrents, mud-rock flows large-scale outbreak, the river rose, roads, bridges washed away, every year the floods in varying degrees, which in recent years to the summer of 2000 was the most serious, Shiquanhe, Jia-Mu River levee breach 5 days, the county seat gar a vast expanse of water, large areas of housing down , More than 20,000,000 yuan of flood control projects to be washed without a trace, since the interruption of all the roads, without any external assistance, local people, the troops fighting in the levee on five consecutive days and nights, finally saved the town of Shiquanhe. Weather winds of 180 days, the Tibet Autonomous Region is the worst living conditions, natural disasters, the most Fan.

  Shiquanhe Town, is located in the capital, 4,300 meters above sea level, Xinjiang-Tibet Highway (State Road 219) and pull through the lion road. Yecheng 1085 km away from Xinjiang (1055 km, said a), 1800 km away from Lhasa, the new addition to the Xinjiang-Tibet Highway 80 km asphalt , Are soil Hill Road, Lion Road and Latin America apart from Lhasa to Xigaze for the asphalt surface, the rest are dirt roads, some sections of a natural way, the risk Shangao Lu, and frequently change routes, which led to the Yecheng and away from Shiquanhe Lhasa's mileage is not very determined, very inconvenient traffic. Referred to as "the world's most remote places From the Indian-controlled Kashmir, 55 km, gar and the county seat is located at Shiquanhe (Senge zangbo) North and South sides of the strait. A small amount of growth the town red, for the mountains outside the city surrounded by mountains with no trees, such as the survival of life.

  The territory of many mountains, we can see, you might see Setsurei Bing-Feng, a spectacular anomaly, rivers, Parked everywhere, there are large rivers Shiquanhe, like Quan He, Ma Quan He, Kongquehe. Kong at the end of Sri Lanka as a watershed in the mountains, west of Shiquanhe, like Quan He westward out of China, Shiquanhe exit after he called India, Pakistan into the Indian Ocean. Maquan River to the east of the Ali area known as the Yarlung Zangbo (Jiang By the Nyingchi Prefecture out of the country, known as the Brahmaputra, Ganges in Bangladesh and the convergence of the Indian Ocean after the injection. The larger lakes have a bar-South fault at Coqen County, ban public wrong (Lake), located on county land, Mapangyongcuo (Sheng Hu), located in the county Kaplan, wrong Laon (Ghost Lake), located in the Kaplan County, the Rivers, lakes and numerous. As a result of these lakes located in the sparsely populated areas high above sea level, almost no pollution, plus the Lake of the minerals to make clear the lake bottom, showing a variety of colors, with snow-capped mountains, grasslands, very picture of China and the United States.

  Ali was once the ancient climate, Sen Widespread, Ali, so that the region's rich mineral resources, the door who is now mining coal, gold reserves were an alarming change, is currently in the exploration, mining magnesium boron is very rich in other rare metals, mineral-flung areas, But in the high-elevation, the conditions, traffic inconvenience, it is very difficult to mining, most of the current Nissan did not exploitation.

  Later, as a result of surface elevation, relocation of rivers, forming the Ali Plateau, the forest can not grow, difficult to human survival, Lakes moved up into the exposed surface area to form a gesture million, and a variety of changes in soil forest, as if in the absence of sea water The road, a scene At the spectacular, beautiful, particularly Landform soil Lin Zanda County, the most obvious area of several hundred kilometers. Some people say, "Lin went to the soil, stone forest again, they feel extremely bored." Lin soil can see how beautiful scenery, but Zanda remote, very few people coming into there.

  In recent years, due to Exchanges to gradually close the border, Ali, the mysterious and beautiful and known to outsiders gradually each year to travel Ali countless personnel, most of them foreigners, the Chinese economy as a result, awareness of the reasons that only a small number of people Ali. At present, tourism has become one of the pillar industries in the region, Ali, 2002 Water Tibetan Year of the Horse, Year of the Horse in the Tibetan tradition is the most auspicious year, Ren Gang Brennan (Bo Qi) is known as the king of Kamiyama said Buddhists believe that the Year of the Horse to Kamiyama, usually the equivalent of around 13 years Circle can be transferred after Mianhuo misfortunes, by all Buddhists respect, can ascend to heaven after death. Ali and the region Seize this rare opportunity to Ali in 2002 as a tourist area, and held a press conference, the world's major media widely publicized, and the establishment of Ali, a window for foreign propaganda site, the community will Kamiyama at the foot of the town and Shiquanhe held a variety of activities. Used to attract all over the world You are. Another point I want to say is: Ali to travel there is absolutely no law and order and national, Ali simple and hard-working people, very friendly to any Tibetan, very few social stability in the country.

  Gu Cheng and Yang Ali, meaning "Da Pengniao", and that I Much like the name, or I would say that I am coming with Ali. As the ancient Ali mild climate, population, is the birthplace of one of Tibetan human form of the mysterious plateau peculiar culture, ancient civilization is one zhang, zhang-old puzzle in modern people are more text, such as if one day Some people read the ancient text zhang Ali ancient culture is bound to make all too clear. After zhang for the Tibetan replaced after the demise of Tibet, Tibet, after four years of war, the establishment of a regional Ali Gugewangguo ancient time frame the production, life has been very well-developed, the population of hundreds of thousands, and today's Ali 70,000 of the population in sharp contrast, the ancient Seven demise of the century, in the absence of written records, the Guge Dynasty mysterious demise of a large number of the population has become the mysterious disappearance of the mystery through the ages, all over the world was fascinated archaeologists, but it has yet to be convinced of an absolute Conclusion.

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