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Sixth Ling - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mannings million, then located in the town 60 km to the north, as a result of six linked to the peak, Teng Wei Yi-lang, so ancient, "even large Tsui-feng" good reputation, Wanzhou is one of the Eight.

Ridge Sixth unique scenery, from the look up at the foot of Ling Ha, the only people around the peak out, Ling Feng Cui large, towering tall and straight, looking six-feng Fog, like arch of the six girls, Chuchudongren. Here the magnificent mountains, China Qiu He, Cong Long forest, rich water, rich in tropical rain forest scenery, Hainan Province, is not to talk too much about the natural vegetation of the Kingdom.

Dong Lu from the sixth mountain range along the ridge trail to the peak of the Sixth Company Taishi Climb, rising all the way, but see here fluctuated mountains, forests covered, exuberantly, towering old trees. Rattan wood from the tree climb the tree, round-trip shuttle to the forest's trees are wrapped up. Under thick trees, flowers grass-fan-mao, thousands of tourists to this, welled up germination, "the rivers flow Unity is strength of feeling. "Zhengyan wild flowers, the distribution of the forest off the scent, came halfway up the mountain, there is also some interest Jing Lin leaves, birds in the trees Ni-nan Zhou Zi, partridge from time to time," Hill And Qing, good, "the call. Shan waist of a small spring Qu Hui Zhao, the gurgling flow. Here, the birds cited , Ting boom springs, green leaves rustling, come together to form a beautiful symphony of the forest, had to stay here to visit the ancient poem; "Welcoming the visitors to this endless, the trees still smell the Orioles Valley." You pass along the winding paths to board ARMCHAIR peak, steep inserted here Han Feng Qi Xiu-hua, the Jimuyuantiao standing on top of the roof, many ups and downs peak arch ring, all green everywhere All roads lined Road under Wanting dragon and snake respectively, surrounded by mountains and rivers Xiuse's northern foothills sixth, East break out to sea, the scenery Qingshanxiushui good one. Ling Qing Dynasty poet sixth Tour when he left a poem: "Castle Jimu Taiqing large, and even meet unexpected peaks; Gao Qing blue sky really difficult to mix, not a painting show ap smoke, the sound of birds flying wide call Lu Chang, Lin Shen Mo animal walk 000; do not dislike the level scenic spots, Doujiu intended to call friends to do the dumping.

ARMCHAIR toured the peak, the south-east bypass from the south-west along a rugged Hill Road and slowly, over the two deep valley, south of Ling came to the sixth, and then boarded a small peak, it was the seat of the Soviet regime Qiongya Here steep mountains, which rise amid permanent barrier, deep-rooted trees, dense, thorny problems is a natural barrier, when the Red Army is relying on this mountain Xianyao, withstand the harsh environment practice, the revolution of the fire spread and grow, spread throughout the Hainan . There is a Cave "Red Army holes." Han-dong is the ancient name, appearance Stone Hill oblique trouble such as the Shishi, the hole tied with rattan chaos before the hanging, inside a series of five holes, holes under a Qinglie spring water, fresh air and cool holes. The ancients had left this verse: "The status of the cave complex guests sat, wine Lin Feng is also intended to dump." That hole was the Red Army's strong body of the sick and wounded, along the hole after one out of the exit, and then North Korea North set foot on a piece of flat land, which is when the Red Army practice, known as the playground of the Red Army, the Red Army parade ground display Lianwu used knives, guns, wooden sticks, bricks, and so on, politicians do places with the red stone, Shi Zhuo. Was founded here Leninism school senior, military academy, factory machinery, such as the Red Army. After today's Army Not only is the sixth Ridge tourist areas of a magical landscape. And people recall the history of the revolution, and cherish the memory of the martyrs, revolutionary tradition and patriotism education of good places.

Mountain Ridge is a sixth branch in the north to Qionghai, security will be at the junction of South Lingshui, Baoting County, which borders Liangmiansandao Ma On Shan and West linked to the sea to the east. North-south mountain range, and the plot 394 square kilometers. Six of its peak: with steeple, ARMCHAIR, stone dog Tsui, Heung-three, Bei-plane, first, is no less than six high peaks, the highest peak ARMCHAIR 558 meters altitude. Sixth of the Green Ridge had a secret, high-fang, the mother of Health, the red silk Heichou, such as the pillars of rare plants, forestry area of 18,000 hectares, is a natural plant in Hainan Province protected areas.

Sixth, not only for its range of high and steep mountains, beautiful forest known, and there are numerous Ling Shen Jian Cave, the ancient deer elk call for the companion of the party. Revolutionary War was Qiongya adhere to the revolution 23 years of armed struggle to establish the revolutionary base areas, the revolutionary comrades hard shelter, is the resort of Hainan revolution, Comrade Zhu De in the sixth inspection Ridge, is pleased to Fushi, "Ridge Sixth": "Sixth Chengkungling Choi Wan-sheng, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of the red flag up. Guerrilla war for 23 years, Hainan Qing turn over the masses. " Sixth Ridge, with its six-Jun Xiu-feng, even overlapping peaks Kong, Lin shade of natural beauty and 23 years down the red flag is not included in the great achievements of the "Dictionary of Chinese historical sites."

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