Sunday, December 28, 2008

Qingyun tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

This is also known as the local "Shan Mei Ling", "Wanzhou tower." Qingyun body for the octagonal tower, and Huozhuan sporadic stone structure, the tower about 27 meters high, seven hours seven canopies. Top-level middle, a prominent eight-prism, the capitals up a ball Tasha Road. For the octagonal floor wall, the top six layers of wall are circular, each from a different side Off the two arches, one for viewing, two for ventilation light. The bottom of a door opening to the west, the top gate tower embedded on the wall of the rectangular piece of stone inscribed "Wun". Next to the "Japanese Invasion of light years to build the" small print. Tap the bottom of the third layer and Tap Mun in the same direction. There are also embedded a piece of the same size of the monument inscribed " Feng, "the word, there is next to the small print, as a result of too clear to see that tower inside her air, sufficient light, cool Fengqing. Visitors from the west gate into the ground floor, looking at the top of the tower, when we look at the whole picture of abdominal tower and enjoy the superb ancient tower building Technology and fascinating scenery. Qingyun tower to the existing rare species in Hainan is one of the ancient tower, the Japanese Invasion in light Dynasty (AD 832). According to the "Chi Wanzhou" set, Qingyun, the predecessor of the tower is Wenkui tower, built in five years of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty (1666 AD) damage to light after the Japanese Invasion in the reconstruction, named Qingyun tower, as derived from a spectacular high-rise tower 000. Qingyun towering tall tower, flavor, solid and stable, fully reflects the ancient Mannings People's unique brick architecture. 150 Over the years, although the ancient tower by numerous typhoons and strong thunderstorm hit, but the tower is still intact, Wei-ran as before. Japanese occupation of Hainan, has used heavy artillery bombardment of the tower, but it did not blow up, just south angle greater than the damage. Hainan has been damaged after the Department repair ?. Qingyun tower is one of the Mannings well-known scenic spots, is now included in Hainan puff reiterated that the protection of cultural relics. Arjun own a charming charm, it rocks around the rocks, Zi attitudes; lush plants, flowers Fengdie groups on the shuttle between the foliage. There is a stream under the tower, like a silver-white ribbons around the tower and, King Piaomiao charming. A plethora of views, the tower million Ha street, South Gate foreign Fangtiankuaikuai, Tianchou farmhouse in the village, Coconut Grove Beach fishing boat, the vastness of the boundless beauty of a panoramic view of the South China Sea, and so on. Modern well-known poet, playwright Tian Han Wun Teng-tower had left "Wenkui seven-tower, 10,000 ares field granary" of the famous.

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