Sunday, December 28, 2008

Zanda soil Lin - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zada County has a well-known scenery of the landscape soil Lin district. Lin ancient land is affected by the orogeny, lake sediment formation of long-term cut by flowing water, and weathering a gradual erosion to form the special landforms. Lin's land "trees" up to the level of scattered tens, thousands, do not have a taste. In the meantime road car, like around Daquan feet more than the Giants.

Say Alizhada People's rays are the most beautiful, glowing rays of soil Lin is the most charming. That is the level of floods washed through the landscape of rock, weathering and erosion to form a unique landscape, tall and straight steep, imposing the same attraction.

  The meandering river like Stephen Forest land in the valley running quietly, like exposure to Wonderland, Dreaming of a great fantasy world. Ming-Li Lin land given to the sunset of life gone, like a castle Block, a group of towers, a tent Ding Ding, a palace at various levels, vary Saga, thousands of deportment, in the face of nature's masterpieces really marvel. Lin soil the landscape is one of the wonders of Ali. According to legend, a long, long time ago, Zada along a vast expanse of water, blue sky only under the water and wind. Later, the forest land from the sea gradually run out. Although this is a beautiful legend, but with a certain degree of scientific truth. According to research scientists, have been here Is a 500 km radius of the Great Lakes, the Himalayan orogeny so that the lake is rising, declining water level, above the surface of the rock by the long-term erosion of wind and rain to cut and polish this pair is now out of the picture.

  Zada on the hillside outside the county, Lin soil everywhere, from county to foot. Between bar , Stopping along the way, you can see the Grand Canyon-like landscape. Among them, the burr of the trench soil Lin of the most spectacular. Thorough, and here the mountain, like a castle Tucheng Block, an area of several hundred square km and magnificent scale.

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