Sunday, December 28, 2008

Songtao Reservoir - Chinese tourism scenic spots

More than 100 islands, who seemed to carelessly let go in the vast surface of the water, surrounded by mountains and forests around the vast, boating on the lake, the mountains could see Weiyi, towering old trees, water clarity, the fish surfaced. The biggest reason for car: specialty Songtao big head, delicious and cheap ... ... Danzhou City area 20 km south-east, Danzhou cross, the white sands of the two cities and counties, is entitled to the "pearl island" Tianchi reputation of the mountain. Located in the upper reaches of the Nandu River, was founded in 1958, built 10 years time, China is one of the largest earth dam project. 81.1 meters high, 760 meters long, will be the Pentium Nandu River water cut-off Southeast Asia and Canada Fan Yang-ri. Area of 144 square kilometers in the reservoir area, the reservoir in more than 300 islands. The total storage capacity to 3.34 billion cubic meters, the upper reaches of the Nandu River region of 1400 square kilometers of cross-strait store rainwater, at all levels through the channel linking a large number of water to form a unified irrigation system , The water in the western and north-west of Hainan Island, large tracts of land. Songtao Reservoir wide, surrounded by mountains and forests around the vast gray. It is not only promoting agriculture, fisheries, public benefits, but also heat on Hainan Island. Vacation, a good place for sightseeing. The most popular cruise in the reservoir area is the scenery, boating Bibo , But see the mountains trying to lay all the winding, towering old trees, quiet lake-Bi, have surfaced fishing boat, the boat trip there is a sense in painting.

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