Sunday, February 22, 2009

King's College Taiwan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

King's College is located in Chongwen District in the western Taiwan, Chongwen Dongxiao outside the city, 203 Main Street. It is the middle of the Qing Dynasty (1750) in the capital of the establishment of a College. King's College, the predecessor of the Department of Taiwan, down Hongcheng Chou Ching Ming will be the private residence - Hong Zhuang. 39 Qing Emperor Kangxi (1700), Qian Jing Zhaoyin Tin-based justice, the meager collection of Health to study children. Since then, the tranquil sound of loud reading of the manor has been studying voice, to become the capital of the free school is located. Kangxi Teciyushu "Yu-wide group to" horizontal inscribed board. 15 Qianlong (1750) officially changed its name to "The College of Taiwan." King's College Taiwan under the governing institution Shun Tianfu , The students collected mainly in the provinces and the capital will be ready to participate in the trial, the Palace and the Juren Gong Sheng, but the Shuntian Fu Tong-sheng will also attend. College to host more well-known people. Teaching is the main content of the Eight-part Essay exercises, copying Fateh, sometimes by a number of books to teach moral principles. School personnel found, the Shang Shu immediately recommended. Exceptional species in order to the spirit of the Qing Dynasty, training manuals for the hospital and school personnel to identify the purpose is very clear. King's College in Taiwan 22 years of Qing dynasty (1842) repair, five-year Guangxu (1875), once again rebuilt. After rehabilitation, the College much better than it is. With the front of the Sector Yingbi linked to the tile as a barrier at the entrance there is lying stone lions, exquisite Diaogong, is spectacular. Guanting Chuihua the middle of the Gate Tower, all fitted with inlaid wood carving, decorated with oil paintings, appears to be elegant and solemn. East-West text field repair, not only spacious and bright, but also corridors. The tables and chairs inside Tim, attended to provide all the better Learning conditions. Sanshiyinian Guangxu (1905) the abolition of the imperial examination system, the implementation of school education, the College was closed, replaced by straight school. And then had several changes of the capital known as the 16th public primary schools, primary schools Dongxiao City, Beiping Shi of the National Center for the 12th District primary and Kowloon Central Primary School, Chong First District Central Primary School, and so on. Chongwen District in 1973 changed the city of Dongxiao primary, in 1983 and twice in 1986 for the renovation of school buildings, renovation and expansion.

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