Sunday, February 22, 2009

Beijing Amusement Park Phantom Aquarium - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beijing Amusement Park Aquarium phantom amusement park located in the center of the island, an area of 2000 square meters, is a phantom water aquarium with the general stands of the aquarium staggered aquarium is also China's first Phantom aquarium. Museum modern sound, Light, electricity and other high-tech way to show a Gorgeous color, magic and unpredictable, volatile deep-sea aquarium in the world. Harbor Library has caves, ancient ruins, shipwrecks, coral, UFO waters, deep-sea scenery, tropical scenery, the Chinese garden scene 8. The Library can be found in the touch percutaneous phantom aquarium can watch the magic Aquarium and large-screen Phantom of the World Aquarium, to bring you that the vast and mysterious ocean world, take a stroll in this lovely body nearly 100 species, different shapes of tropical fish, sea fish, shellfish, the type of deep-sea coral aquarium in the world, Can clearly see the fish swimming in the leisure, barbed touch dolphins, jellyfish touch, grasping Ma, a beautiful aquarium, as a microcosm of the Underwater World, that is, it meets the people's yearning for the sea, but also appropriate to maintain the "aesthetic distance" here, financial knowledge, interest and enjoyment in one, is The majority of visitors to be a good viewing, places to visit.

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