Sunday, February 22, 2009

Prince Andrew House - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Prince Andrew House at Damucang alley. Is the founding father of the Qing Dynasty Di Jierhalang closure. Palace of the Qing Dynasty was founded in the early days of clearance, the minister of the Qing Dynasty kings and house construction, are customized, such as site-built housing is too high or it is an offense. Prince Andrew Jierhalang as a result of construction on the Temple-House over the system, but also good at Bronze lion, turtle, crane, Junji in four years (1647) and dismissed from office after impeachment by a fine. Site following the completion of the passage of history, Wang has been the renovation or expansion. Republic of China, the first Palace will be mortgaged to the bank Xi Shi church in 1925 to the resumption of rent for the premises of the Chinese University. Zheng sit Palace south, the original layout East and West at 3, the eastern part of the former prominent human body, the Palace is the main temples is located; in the west over power as a result of back streets, in another courtyard and garden areas in the west. Where it is the most famous gardens, garden "Hui Park," Wang Di Garden is the capital of the best. Existing buildings, only the eastern part of To stay, Street Gate, Miankuo 3; Miankuo the main entrance 5, before the time out, still Danbi relief; Miankuo 5 in the main hall, the stage has also kept Dan Bi; East co-exist in the allocation of flats Miankuo 5 West only in the allocation of flats on North Miankuo 3; for the last sleep is, Miankuo 5. China changed its name Yat-sen University used together with this SHANG Yan. Original After the floor, cover and a number of ancillary construction were removed, the Western Garden is for the construction of a second Long Road Middle School. Zheng Palace today for the state Department of Education site, in order to focus on the protection of cultural relics in Beijing.

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