Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hokkeji - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hokkeji at Hokkeji Street, Chongwen District, was built during the unknown. Qing Emperor Kangxi and repair Tongzhi years, outside the city of Beijing is one of the Temple. Hokkeji its construction are the Mountain Gate, the main hall and three East and West side hall in a palace. Xie Shanding Mountain Gate for the three-room building, the Mountain Gate for two lattice windows, doors are there between the coupon reads " Hokkeji-hing. "Then into the main hall are three Miankuo three-room, and Qianlang. East and west side hall in a palace on both sides of the room for three. In addition to the main building, east and west have Kuayuan, dozens of housing, In many years, has been turned into temporary Ting Ling Ling's room. Clock is, had kept Drum Tower, only the Mountain Gate, the main hall into three parts and offers. Hokkeji is in the vicinity of the Qing Dynasty stationed troops of the Eight Banners, said the barracks, Junji 18 (1661) blue flag was set up to teach the market. Monastery to focus on the protection of cultural relics Chongwen District.

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