Sunday, February 22, 2009

Chinese Arts and Crafts - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chinese Arts and Crafts in the Xicheng District in the northeast corner Fuxingmen overpass. China's first state-level arts and crafts museum, a renowned China's best contemporary arts and crafts Jane (Tibetan) products. Written by the Museum of Deng Xiaoping. In July 1990 formally opened to the public. Art Gallery of the construction process - Architectural style and modern decorative arts combined with strong ethnic characteristics, Cuoluoyouzhi high and low, like a bud of the Moon. Office of the Library in an orderly manner, the display hall, museum treasures several parts. Hall front door in the face of the wall embedded with large bronze decorative wall, "China Star Flash", the performance of In 5000 with a history of Chinese arts and crafts achievements. A Celebration of the Arts Chamber display of contemporary Chinese arts and crafts of the essence, are the main types of jade, ivory carving, wood and stone carving, ceramics, lacquerware, embroidery, Drawn, cloisonne, gold and silver Table Tops, filaments mosaic, tin, copper spot, and so on. Including the older generation Arts and Master of Fine Arts, experts, professors of the fine handed down over the years, as well as by national or international Gold Award Gold Award and a number of excellent works of national treasures. A Celebration of the Arts Museum Treasures of China's most outstanding contemporary arts and crafts treasures, Chinese arts and crafts show is the art treasures of the elegant hall. The library is most Zhen 4 is a large emerald treasures: Daiyue Qi Shan-concept, flower-Rui Han Xiang, the world filled with the table plaque, Ti Liang Qun-Fang, pay homage to flowers, rare ancient and modern are rare treasures. Museum of Art is a modern multi-purpose building is currently China's largest arts and crafts, tourism souvenirs to buy Center and a renowned quality, style and features of the times reflected in the Seoul Arts Center.

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