Sunday, February 22, 2009

Prince House Johnston - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Prince House Johnston of the original four in the North West Pacific Wharf, to the north until the champion Ma alley. The fifth son of King Suk Junji first year in Sierra Leone has been called Ze Prince. Junji to eight years for the Prince Gong Jin. Shuo-side in the first duo in Bogor Junji 12 (1655) the passage of Wales, Hao Yue Zhuang change. Since then, are inherited by the village of Wales Chong Hoon of Wales is contained in the boxing establishment of the Palace. Eight-Power Allied Forces invaded the House burned. 20 era, the Northern Warlords and their younger brother Chun Xin Zhuang bought the Palace, the Palace building demolition, in this building, known as the safe in. "Green Lane" the door to preserve the amount of brick in the Xicheng District Cultural Heritage Bureau. After he opened here For peace in the street (into Tiananmen Square to West Main Street). The site of the North-South split up the two districts. This Pacific port warehouses of the West northbound. Prince House Johnston to the front of the site.

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