Friday, January 2, 2009

Park del - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"The Yellow River Bund" is the original "del Park", located on the north side of Lanzhou City, the southern bank of the Yellow River. Lanzhou is the only seat of the Yellow River through the city and there have been major cities and towns, according to the geographical characteristics of the municipal government in the urban areas in the north of the southern bank of the Yellow River East to open a bridge from the old Yan Tan, the show west Sichuan flood land, as long as 20 Del's roads, is the longest street in the city one of the del.

  Park along the road, row upon row of sculptures, many attractions, unique and charming style of the Yellow River, Li Qiang is not an open "park", known as "green tourism corridor." Yellow River Bund exercises had been better. Visitors to this Yang Liu Yiyi can see the roadside; pavilions in the park, solemnly quaint, water color waves, into a matched-hui.

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