Friday, January 2, 2009

Pingshalayan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Also known as "Fang Yan Chau think," del located in the eastern section of the road, south of the top Yan Tan, Wang Chih-kang to make in October 1987. Were irregular-shaped sculpture in shallow reservoirs, ranging from the size of three stainless steel water Dayan from the Youth Pre-employment-Fen Fei, Tong Sipan embellishment to 5 "goose egg", Cuoluoyouzhi. The overall use of abstract way, Deformation increases, appears to be novel. The sculpture based on the new Lanzhou, one of the Ten, "Fang Yan Chau thought," Yan Tan landscape and the legend, the people of Lanzhou Jiyu to restore the ecological balance so that Dayan's desire to return to the Yantan, and people can think of the geese from birth to Fei's life and the process of succession.

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