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Lanzhou God Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lanzhou Lanzhou City God Temple in Zhangye Lu. Was built in the Song Dynasty, Dian Ying 3, General Han Si Feng Ji Xin, also known as Ji Xin temple. After the rehabilitation of the Ming Dynasty who are Gaiyi.?????(1736-1795) destroyed by fire after the renovation. Ride north to south, covers an area of 12,000 square meters, construction area of 4000 square meters. Gate 3, The Valiant Ones Hou Square, 2 for the hard-Huanlangxilou Peak, the north-Xieshan Ding Juan Peng Xiang Dian, after Xieshan Ding-Zhong Yan in the main hall, around a room, the Drum Tower 10 minutes, and so on. Under the corridors of the original mural is now gone. In 1956 for a club of workers in Lanzhou City in the first.

  Temple is for three Qianlong 2002 (Year 1767), "Guan Shen Tong Province donor re-dried and after two years as before, was Hou Square, The Valiant Ones." Is a four-yard into the building, according to the axis of the existing building followed by St. Paul, Xiangdian, in the main hall, the official sleep, Ke Tang, decorated archway from the park section of the tomb of Princess Yan Zhen left out of St. Paul converted sunset (a Ming Dynasty architecture , A pair of stone lions hospital, more than 200 years of history.

  Since 1998, provincial and municipal governments in the strong support of the Lanzhou City Federation of Trade Unions to raise funds more than 800 multi-million reconstruction of the temple god of city Xiurong, and with a new look to the open society, the god of city halls of the temple is a majestic, Diaolianghuadong , Cornices Chu, weather tight, flamboyant, spring flowers and birds singing, pleasant landscape, characters, the main realistic, there is a new scene. This innovation is unprecedented. Today the old buildings have a strong flavor of ancient culture.

  Temple now has a market to operate the antique business More than 100 households and business types have antiques, paintings, porcelain, stone, bronze, jade, coins, philatelic products, furniture and so on nearly 100 species of visitors from every day, a very active trading community. Fully reflects the culture of the ancient Temple of places.

  Lanzhou City in the first workers at the club Lan The city of Zhangye Lu bustling business center of the lot, using the former site of the ancient Temple House established and developed. Temple House was built in the Northern Song Dynasty, Yongle of the Ming dynasty for three years (Year 1405) fire burned most of the Hall Gallery, 34 years Jiajing (1555 AD) to re-Xiurong, set up three main hall, San Ying, General Han Si Feng Ji Xin, also known as Ji Xin temple. According to the "Han" records, Liu Liu, a period of generals, by the name of Ji Xin (this Tianshui, Gansu). When Chu Ying Yang Bing Wei, Wang saw the prisoners to do, General Ji Xin Wang took just pretend, a car East Gate, pretending to drop Chu, which cleverly Liu care by Simon fled, and he was burned alive after Xiang Yu see through in order to win, "Han-Zhong alone," the name.

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