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Temple Law 000 - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dafa buildings located in the temple on the northern outskirts of Suzhou City, 2 kilometers Department to review the Indus River Cliff North Bay, the reconstruction in 1984, Suzhou city buildings Dafa Temple (also known as the Temple Tower, the Temple of life-saving, since the Ming and Qing dynasties for an important place in Hexi One of the temple, and the city of Suzhou was the largest Buddhist activity center, Suzhou was one of the eight major King, but unfortunately History destroyed as a result of) the re-building. According to Temple and 000 cases, 000 cases Fazhuang, Yimingfachuang Temple.

  After the believers as a result of increased year by year, tourism has also attracted tourists, and narrow the scope of the original temple construction, is no longer suited to the development of the situation. In 1994, by the late executive director of the China Buddhist Association, Gansu Province, vice president of the Buddhist Association , Fazhuang Temple Master Yongxin as financial and related to the leadership of Jiuquan launching, in preparation for the main Buddhist temple of the religious tourist spots, which is convenient to carry out religious activities, religious people and tourists for sightseeing. Expansion Project at the foundation started in 1995, 28 construction projects, step by step in order to complete the construction in phases. 199 , A project such as walls, the Mountain Gate, King Hall, Main Hall, the bell and drum tower Zhaitang, Liao Fang, and other ancillary works were completed in the same year on September 20 held a grand Buddhist temples and the completion ceremony. Temple sit north to south, overlooking the River to discuss, according to the North after the Indus Cliff Bay, according to Cliff built next to the water, Goushen Qi, steep terrain, gurgling water, verdant trees, winding paths deep, beautiful scenery and pleasant scenery, the weather is very quiet. , The value of the western region development, the Jiuquan re-establish a civilized city, and vigorously develop cultural tourism in the landscape, in the leadership and coordination of care, the second phase project of the temple [as Wofo (Canon Building), the seven-story pagoda, the hospital into things, and so on mezzanine] step by step into the construction, and in March 20, 2002, by the end of August were held in the pagoda and the permitted bed and foundation ceremony. Construction groups like the Tang and Song period, the quaint, rough, rough-volume and the architectural style; hall by the well-known sculptor "The mother of the Yellow River," the designers of the Miss He E to guide the completion of the statue are like the development of the Buddhist peak of the Tang Dynasty's artistic style, solemn vivid, colorful.

  Indus leaves, the wind Lvliu, hall of the temple on the video cover, the bell-ching death, Hang Hang Mountains Afar, incense many tourists wandering the meantime, Cheng Jiuquan for a King . Since the completion of the temple, visitors to come, Jing Xiang Ze network who can not. Plastic hope every day, especially in large-scale annual Spring Lantern Festival, the lunar temple Chuba, 15 July blue glenohumeral basin, and so will be the grand Buddha, hundreds of Jiuquan, near and far, men and women of all ethnic groups in towns and townships and cities, industry and agriculture business Ham North Korea will fight to worship, burn incense and seek , Is a sea of people, the wind around cigarettes, and thus a corresponding trade and merchants gathered here, the formation of a grand natural materials exchange market and better integration of the cultural and civil assembly, and Buddhist activities in one integrated, not only enriched the cultural life of the people, and activation A market economy.

(A) Hall 3
  As a result of The temple gate, usually three side by side in the middle of a door on either side of the door of a small, so called three Hall. There are also writing the Mountain Gate of the Temple. There are many ancient temple compound, or building, said Liu Tong, Song Chongning since 2002 (1103) for the Great Temple of Confucius Temple, the Buddhist temple building homes, said Liu Tong, Also known as a certain part of the main hall. 3 hall, two doors on both sides of the plastic like King Kong, King Kong that is holding a pestle (in ancient India the strongest weapons) Yecha guard the Buddha's spirit, also known as' King Kong bailiffs'. Legend of Buddha often Executive 500 King Kong bodyguard entourage, who were the main 'secret track King Kong'. According to the secular, "NABI Kingdoms" , Said jokingly in, as called for the Second Hengha will, in the Buddhist scriptures there is no such name. On both sides of the walls are painted Dragon law. Dragon also known as "Dragon 8", referred to as the "eight people." According to the "Sariputta asked by the" Buddhist classics recorded for the Dragon: The days of the public, the public-long, Yecha, both stem door of an inner room Also known as "Hong God" or "Le God"), Asura, Garuda (also known as "Garuda"), then bear in Romania (also known as "inhuman" and "Song of God"), Hou Mount Luojia (Also known as "God Damang"), in which "many days" and "Long people," Buddhists believe in most. This god 8 each have a huge team, they Often in groups, all living creatures to protect and safeguard Buddhism.

(B) of the Hall of Heavenly Kings
This is the first tier of the three-door hall, in the middle for the Hall of Maitreya Buddha. After the Maitreya Buddha as the Buddha for Weituo, facing the North. Things for both sides of the four kings like. Four kings known as the King of the East 'Titus upbraid Law', who goes to this country, Hu Chi territory, leading Pishe She (the ghost cloud willow), both stem door of an inner room (the Hong Yun Yin) to God, is the main Di Shi-day music of God, the King of the pipa in the hands of holders for flag, retaining the East Dover Deva (the cloud-sheng) peoples. King of the South were 'totally Glass' (the cloud growth), others can Shangen growth, so holding hands , The leading Pan Japan tea (the ghost-Yong Yun), Ficus pumila (this goes hungry) of God, South Yan Futi care (win gold this cloud, the Department of Zhan Yi Yun) Island people. King of the West 'cross border remain Bo', this goes head-Canton, in order to be able to observe the net eyes of the people Hu Chi, Dragon and the rich get all that one (the smell goes hungry), so entangled in the hands of a dragon, guarding West Qu yeni He goes, the cows) zhou people. King of the North 'border Salmonella', the more clouds that there is big Ford, Hu Chi wealth of the people. Right hand holding an umbrella, table Ford's justice and care for the more single-Yu North (the cloud-sheng, Lu Yi Yun Ju) Island (see "Digha by" two volumes "by the General Assembly"). Four known as the secular King Kong, which is "my NABI "Joked, King Kong and King can not be blurred.

(C) Main Hall
  Main Hall is the main hall, or hall. Daxiong is high praise Buddha on the meaning of weed. Sakyamuni Buddha is the founder of Buddhism, Sakyamuni India before 2,500 people, a Buddhist monk Prince, the establishment of Buddhism, Sakyamuni Buddha called it. Sakyamuni Buddha there is a variety of positions, the main two: a knot is Jiafu Zuo, Transverse left hand on left foot, called 'set-Indian', that means meditation; Zhishen down the right hand, to be called ' India to touch ', Shakya said that the Road into the former Health in the past, in order to the people Offering their own brains leader, it can be proved that the earth is only because they are in the land have been done. This posture of the statues known as the Road into a phase. A knot is Jiafu Zuo, Transverse left foot on his left hand, right hand ring up for flexor called 'China and India say,' This is a statement with that of Fo Yuefa positions. In addition, Li-like species, down the left hand, his right arm stretched upward, which is named Zhan Tan Buddha, the Buddhist legend is still alive when India You fill Wang Zhan Tan used to describe the wood in accordance with the Buddha's. Were down 'and would like China and India', above all living creatures like to be able to table; on the stretch of 'fearless Shi-Indian', in addition to all living creatures suffer form. Later, modeled on the image of this production is also known as the Buddha Zhantan .

(D), Garan Hall
  Garan is generally to the east side hall in a palace hall. Garan is the Mount Blue Sangha province, said Chung Yun-Yi Park. When Sakyamuni Buddha was alive, to defend the country homes of elderly people have to be reached, he can donate property poor, people called him to the lonely elderly. Legend of Buddha to ask him to care for Patriotic Education Act , With the Buddha's disciples Sariputta choose where to live worship Buddha and his disciples. After re-consider the selection of homes to defend the country's multi-Prince Edward Garden only. But Prince did not sell out the Garden intention to be on the lonely elderly, said: 'If you are in my garden full of gold on, I just sell it to you garden. 'To really lonely elderly Kind of made. Prince Edward very moved, it should be a small part of him still buy gold price of trees, both common to live to please the Buddha, which is India's only well-known tree to the garden alone. Wei Prasenajit homes was also the king to Buddhism, Buddha for the establishment of Buddhism, has made many contributions to the cause. Therefore, future generations of the temple hall Garan For in the Prasenajit is, the left is the only multi-Prince, is to the right of the lonely elderly, to commemorate their Hu Chi Buddhist merit.

(E), and possession of Dian
  Is to the west side hall in a palace of the Tibetan Temple. This is also in possession of Buddha in the Mahayana by talking about the other world, Buddha, ordinary image of the knot is Jiafu Zuo, holding his right hand tin , The table the Prevention of Cruelty to all living creatures, but also table amendments to quit Yan Jing; right hand holding the Pearl of wishful, the full list of all living creatures like to. Some also like the legislation. And the like on both sides of a Shi Li Picchu, like the elderly. This is because in one of the Tang Dynasty of Silla (now North Korea) and Kim Prince of Tibetan monks came to our country?????by local elders Min Support. Min elderly monk from his son, Dominican Farmington. He later said it was in possession of the incarnation of Buddha, Min elderly father and son to become the possession of the Association of paternity, and Jiuhuashan on to become the possession of Buddha should be the place.

(F), the Hall of the Ancestors
  The west side of the hall for the Hall of Ancestors, the layout of such a Zen temple to the most common. The temple is the other sects often follow the example of the system. There Chuzu case for Fazhuang Master Hsin Tao, the two sides are melting as his Master and Master Kai Financial.

(G), lying on the permitted
  Wofo is like the Buddha's Nirvana, according to the Buddha Sakyamuni at the time of Nirvana shape of the case. South West side in the first, lying on their sides, legs stretched Feet close together and left the body home, the right hand branch Yi, Wei Bi eyes, serene comfortable. Lying on the permitted by the end of August 2002 by the paintings of a construction company, is a comprehensive two-Zhong Yan Hall: Cangjing Ge for the upper and the lower lying to the permitted, on the ground floor for the clearance hole evil. What the permitted nine-room bed, a total of 40.8 meters long, wide-1 .5 Meters, plastic Wofo within 108 feet long, 36 meters will be completed as currently the country's largest Wofo.

(H), the pagoda
  Tower, also known as the Great tower, which means grave side, significantly higher or evil out of good hygiene and so on. "Agama by a" Volume 19, a Buddhist world, Bi Zhifo, Savaka, round tower WANG can play for Al. "Tower of the story rather than made by the" Long said in making law as well as the tower made of the story rather than tower. Tower said that if man-made, large or small, "like its been a masterly three realms, as well as to small fruit such as Um Luo. Brake on the table for all to Brahma, as well as to small needle, and so on. All-round covering Peter Chang, as well as to small Date palm leaves. Yubi possession of the tower to cover all homes Nyorai , Hair, teeth, mustache, and claw down to one point, or home Nyorai possession of all the 12 by the next As a Siju Ji, the people of the story rather than Brahma Rubi. "Said pagoda built to increase the wisdom of Ford; Yanshou, raw day, five anti-crime service, the ultimate Buddha; to its fastness, Feng marina, day-long joy, Hu Chi heavens local community Will be united, well-being of the people. 40.8 meters high pagoda, with a total construction area of 1100 m 2, ground 14 meters deep, eight anti-earthquake. For the nine-storey octagonal pavilion-style, like the Tang and Song belong to the architectural style, the two north-south, the outer surface shrines for the six-relief sculpture of Buddha, surrounded by an internal focus on the central column of Buddhist sculpture, A total of 36 layers, the outer wall reliefs 54, for a total of 90. Its high standards, not only in Gansu Province in the first tower, or even the west of stupa in the first.

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