Friday, January 2, 2009

Germany wow warehouse permitted Wenshu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Germany I, wow Lobsang East Kokura beads, in the early Jamyang Russia Aung Zongzhe respect by the former Juzu after a warning, the Jamyang is willing to follow the law school. Sixteen-year-old Tibet, Guo Mang into the Drepung Monastery Institute of Buddhist learning submarine. As a result of his bright talent, outstanding, the master of his great hope. In 1709 with the Russian Jamyang Aung Zongzhe back to the Masters This summer, the county seat of the river to help create a master Jamyang Pu Leng Temple and temples to deal with all matters so that Ratsiraka increasingly Chang-Leng Temple Church. Monastery in 1738 as the third of the total France and Taiwan. 1743 will be the master Jamyang reincarnated soul boy Jin Ying enthroned Monastery, the main temple so that the Living Buddha Jamyang system To the formation and continuation. The second kind of wood for a long time the United States and Sega Aung my time in office, his view of the Monastery of the power to create, warehouse franchise Germany wow Living Buddha systems enjoy the "Red Tour" treatment. Wow German Second World warehouse for a long time Sophie Mellon Gyatso in 1772 in the Monastery crowned as the 16th chief Fazuo France and Taiwan, strict discipline, pay attention to language, Church strength to strength. Germany III, wow Dan Nima plans stores in the central Kerry in 1814 to create a warehouse Wenshu Monastery de wow permitted. Sega in 1817 three wood-like Kennedy Motoc the United States for a long time, Kungtangcang III central warehouse Kerry Dan Nima three master plans for the opening ceremony. Since then, Germany has become the permitted wow warehouse Monju majority of the monks and laymen to teach Pilgrims worship the temple. Later, Emperor Jiaqing Banci Han, Tibetan, Manchu, Mongolian four of the text reads. Germany wow warehouse permitted Wenshu Monastery in the stands due south, facing the big Xiahe, Bei Yi Tong as Tai Monastery. "Cultural revolution" in Germany wow warehouse was completely destroyed Monju permitted. Third Plenary Session of the 11th After the party's ethnic and religious policies being implemented step by step, religious leaders greeted the long-awaited dawn. As a result, Germany VIII wow warehouse-like map Dan Jia Jia measures, Jamyang Kungtangcang warehouse and master the profound concern of the living Buddha as well as the active help of monks and laymen, after full preparation, opened in 1995, restored Screen, five years after construction carefully to make significant emphasis on style, to the successful completion of the summer of 2000. The permitted four-storey high, covers an area of 780 square meters, and its appearance as a stone wall, Tamarix wall structure in order to Tibetan stone and wood-based, outside the stone inside the wood, not wood outside, not inside the stone, clean and generous, strong durable . Dian With three-meter-wide corridor, the two sides of the walls are painted Buddhist Jataka stories Zhudian, can be said to have Dian Dian-zhong. Its size and Buddha for the variety, quantity and so on, for exactly the same as the original Hall, Founder symmetry, with a solemn silence, Diandingzhengji device quality of the gold Aquarius (Golden Summit), 000 wins, Falun, two - Lutingjingji Sanskrit-shaped gold and bronze mirrors, in the sunlight, the spangle and glitter. Inside and outside walls of gold to write Sanskrit and Buddhist murals painted over. Zhu Gong hall golden bronze shines like Manjusri, the height of 12 meters, as both sides of Zhu Gong is highly more than 3 meters of gilt bronze and gold statue of Buddha Sakyamuni Buddha Maitreya. Hall Northwest on three sides are dedicated to a height of 7 feet 1 inch of the 1000 gold gilt bronze Buddha statue. Each Buddha statue to life, the respectable kind. Germany wow Monju warehouse permitted the completion of repair, not only religious people on a pilgrimage to meet the spirit of the Buddha's desire for the Monastery also added a bright spot.

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