Friday, January 2, 2009

Maryland Office of the Eighth Route Army memorial - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Co-operation between the second period, our party set up in Chiang integration of public office. In May 1937 began to build, in August 1943 withdrawal, as long as 6 years. The older generation of proletarian revolutionaries Juezai Hsieh, Peng Jialun, Wu Xiuquan, and so on here in the leadership of the "eight do". "Eight to do" in 19 3, was approved as a provincial heritage conservation unit. In 1978 in Lane 2 of the Mutual Assistance in preparing the site, "Maryland Office of the Eighth Route Army Museum," and in January 1981 officially open. A total of more than 150 pieces of cultural revolution, more than 170 pieces of photos and become patriotic education and education in revolutionary tradition of re - Base. The other offices at the former site of the Jiuquan this road No. 157.

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