Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mythical Green Valley - Turpan-ditch Lu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located 160 kilometers northwest of Lanzhou City Department of Yongdeng County, Lin Lin Shing, a pulse of the Qilian Mountain Donglu, is a Qishanxiushui to the natural landscape as the main tourist area, known as "mythical Green Valley."

  Lu Gully spit on August 1, 1984 officially opened to visitors in 1992, was approved by the Department of Forestry State-level forest park; in 1997 it has been selected as a pacesetter of the 10 national forest park, the city of Lanzhou has become an ideal forest eco-tourism destination. "Lu spit" is the ancient Mongolian, which means "good" or "beautiful orchard."

  Lu Gully, who spit mixed multi-ethnic region, here by the mountain climate Ring, ample rainfall, which rise amid permanent trench peaks, green forests, winding streets, spit china show and became a man without natural scenic spots Diaozao the original. In the region have originated in Russia and the Bethune LU spit Nanliu River from the north-west to the east, to the convergence of Sancha, the former ditch by the import large cr. Repair roads along the river valley through trench, the two sides King moved differences Meteorology Series. Lu Gully scenic spit of natural elevation of 1998-3165 meters with a total area of 6157 hectares.

  Chase tourists across the bridge, that is, before the spit into the ditch Lu Forest Scenic Area. Sancha travel from the bridge to the village of 6 km, it will be divided into two large and small ditch, the left side of the spit is a big Lu Total length of 14.7 km, the landscape is strange landscape-oriented tours of the main park area, a total of 24 spots, peak, mountains, cliffs, rock, thousands, Fei Bao cliffs, the old quarry area spilled beads, although for days since, like Were open. And then up, then ditch to the charge of grassland, grassland for the charming resort. Sancha line from the right into that Lu Gully spit small forest. 7 km long trench, there are 12 attractions. There are more than 1600 kinds of small trees and plants, a habitat for musk deer, running deer, blue horse chicken, lynx, Shi Yang, and so dozens of rare animals, a vast Lin, towering old trees, water features streams, Jade everywhere, as if a natural gallery .

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