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Malus Mengshan Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gu Cheng Tung Meng Meng, Dongshan, Xiong Zhi in Pingyi County, Shandong Province with a total area of 1257 square km, 49 km East-West fell for the National Forest Park, a world-renowned health and longevity the Holy Land tourism, national AAAA level scenic spot.

  Saga mengshanensis peaks, Luan Pinnacle heavy, dense forests, beautiful show To magnificent novel of the Chinese, known as "Giant of the town of Kyushu, Tun Weiran Grand View." Mongolian top turtle peak 1156 meters above sea level, the Show Table cloud, the sky large Tsui, its like a turtle named after Fuwo clouds for the second peak in Shandong, Mount Tai and the distant sea, known as "Asia's Zong" .

Meng is a warm South-East Asia monsoon climate, the average annual temperature of 13.2 degrees Celsius, annual rainfall amounted to 1158.1mm, four seasons, ample light, moderate climate. Forest coverage rate of 90% of negative oxygen ions in the air content of 2,200,000 /cubic centimeter, as the "great natural It "is fit, convalescence, the best place to keep in good health and longevity. It sets many advantages in a famous male, extraordinary and dangerous show, quiet, Austria, Lin Hua Chao, Feiquanliupu, clouds of glowing rays to form a Mengshan wonders Road, Lung Poon Hu Ju, the three majestic, green water Chuilian, San Tan Lung, and other five well-known landscape. You In the meantime, it is enjoyable time.

Mengshan to keep in good health and longevity of the world famous Holy Land tourism, longevity Giant Eagle Mountain Meng is the development of tourism landmark attractions, Meng is the development of the tourism products and projects the image of the project, the goal of building in the world.

TING Giant Eagle attractions at the peak of Pingyi County Meng Meng turtle top Uncovered Rock in the northwest side of the mountain, the use of the existing model mountain, the mountain carving on the potential longevity old from the Central Academy of Fine Arts Design program. The shape of the Ming Dynasty used the image of longevity, the head 85 meters high, the doors of the brain, elegant white to be too long waist, a battle Shouzhu Japan, Trolley Xiantao, Cimei eye, and smiles. Through the art of dealing with Unreal, reaching close to the grand concept, kind, warm, clear outline of the longevity From a distance, magnificent momentum, and slowly out of the mountain to the effects of the world, in order to give the fantastic sense of mystery to the intriguing charm in Wonderland.

Shouxing carving giant construction project sites, from the beginning of creative projects to study, argues that the planning, design, has been national, provincial and municipal leaders and relevant experts, many of the high degree of attention and support. Giant Eagle's longevity built for the full expression to keep in good health and longevity Mengshan the theme of tourism development, improve the tourism Mengshan Grade, Mengshan will travel as soon as possible to large domestic and foreign tourism markets, is of great significance.

Ying Feng Shen He wonders Cong in the valley of where they stand, into the sky, Qi cliffs on the eastern side of a thousand cuts, such as Ren, Yan Jun Sensen, not to vegetation; cliff on the south side of gaps, Wang Qi-Song Yan, inverted or under , Or want to fly the air or tear, such as Jiao won ton For Beaulieu, thousands, Gui Wei-stricken. Because only with the goshawk circling, its nest, named "Eagle Peak Waterloo." Qi Jue mountain scenery, landscape, an exercise of Huaping, Tianrang area of Austria. Ying Feng Meng wonders for one of the top 10 landscape, since ancient times "less than peak eagle nest, in vain Mengshan "said.

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