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Shandong ground floor of the Grand Canyon tourist areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chinese underground river rafting in the first hole
Longgang Shandong provincial park Geology
The core scenic spots Yimeng underground wonders

Gao Xia Shen Jian, uncanny workmanship. Fei Bao Artesian Bore Baths, splash-jet beads. Mirage talent, nurtured trillion years.
Underground river rafting, the thrills. Tube rail slide, intense voyage. Jiangbei cave, where the charm. Grand Canyon is located on the ground floor of Shandong Yishui county town 8 kilometers southwest Dianzi Zhen Yao Lin Fa Shan Shan 9 under. Rong is the leisure, recreation, entertainment, vacation, drifting cave, inside view into one of the tourist areas. Has now proved the length of 6100 meters cave for the first Jiangbei long-dong, top up to 30 meters, A cave by a northwest - southeast towards the Karst huge fracture from. Gurgling water inside the cave, strangely shaped stalactites, stalagmites, rock falls, carnation, stone flower, milk, rock, and so are thousands. 17 King is divided into a valley, a river, five passes and six waterfall, the Nine-palace, Jiuquan, 12 more than 160 such as Gap , In particular the ground floor of the four seasons long underground river flow, can be carried out inside the cave, drifting in the North of China's rare, known as "China's underground river rafting in the first hole."

Shandong ground floor of the Grand Canyon can be "hung, extraordinary show, quiet, dangerous," summed up and described. Hung! Hung, hung on in its majestic towering, Bang Bo in the atmosphere Grand scale, and many attractions. Walk through the hole, like hole into the Tianfu, marine stones, giving a hole in the hole I do not know, such as advertising sign outside the feeling of floating palace. During the visit King's 3100 meters line, just above King had as many as nine, such as "Kowloon Palace", "Meng Yishui" and "Fairy Shinto" and "small Flowing Water "and" on the ground floor of the Three Gorges "," 9 turn eighteen. "Canyon of the title and reached as many as 12, have a" canyon "," Black Fox Gap "and" dragon and tiger Gap "and" the devil Valley, "" ghost valley "," Qu Gap "," Three Gorges on the ground floor. "Qi! Shandong on the ground floor of the Grand Canyon Qi Qi in the unique charm, and the public The same. It set stones, strange peaks Valley, deep holes, springs, waterfalls and streams in one, a world-renowned rare natural scenery and local cultural characteristics, can be called a natural, and Humanity clever combination of art and palace. Show! Shandong show on the ground floor of the Grand Canyon show in its rich and varied attractions, and beautiful, Linlang Head, magnificent. If the practice of the falls, picturesque rock groups, such as pot-hole day, such as the plastic stones, such as the Gap of the stone, the stone poetically, is colorful, Xiusekecan. You! Shandong quiet on the ground floor of the Grand Canyon in the quiet valley of its long, deep caves, mysterious and hard. Long canyon, the underground river, deep caves You gorge, there are many days in rock crevices and Zuozuo pot, combine with each other, has embraced interest into a form of the characteristics of the quiet valley. Dangerous! Shandong ground floor of the Grand Canyon also known risk. As a valley some climbing ladder, and some likely fall off the abyss. Looking to the size of the stalactite, the stones on the verge of collapse; down, bottom faint Unpredictable, chilling. In this beautiful, as if through the wall Shen Xiang, there is a sense of Zuojingguantian. In particular, is the underground river rafting, what was more like a roller coaster ride, in the absolute security of the premise, to experience the thrills of the unique fun.

In order to increase tourism Hardware facilities and service standards of its own for the majority of visitors to create a leisure, recreation, travel holiday of a better environment for tourism in a project on the basis of the 2004 winter construction of the second phase: the newly built scenic roads and a new Office 1000 on trips to stop large-scale parking lot; construction of three Village-level Wolong Villa and a large dining facilities; Longgang Peak to restore old buildings Lung Cheung Court; long underground river to 1000 meters in rafting; involved in the construction of entertainment underground river swimming pool; Longgang west side of the building of participatory entertainment of 2800 m Large tube slide trolley car while transporting tourists; Line with transformation and lighting design, and so on at the same time. To declare state-level geological parks, national AAAA level scenic spots to create a foundation for the standard conditions.

Underground river rafting modified the project, drifting from the original length of 723 meters to extend the current 1,000 meters. The project has been in Shanghai Diogenes World Records certified the headquarters, known as China's longest cave project drift. Road design of the transformation of drifting fully reflects the deep caverns of the unpredictable ups and downs high, Chung Bo Fluxus, the characteristics of the cadence. River rafting on the ground floor will be the only native wild, most of the thrills of interpretation.

The Department heads at home and abroad using the latest technology design and manufacturing, is a leading domestic technology. Tube chute trolley car from the ground floor of the Grand Canyon tourism Longgang District Court, before the peak Lung, and along the mountain, directly on the ground floor entrance into the Grand Canyon, a total length of 2800 meters, 50 meters gap, the track design of the building of the twists and turns , The dragon may take off If wave bed Changhong, very spectacular. Slide car body length, wide-body, the joystick operation, safety braking device, visitors are free to control the speed, design speed of up to 15 km /h, ride comfort, safety and reliability, the thrills. Tourists may ride on the tube rail cars, not only can be removed from the fatigue of walking, to save time Tour , Also overlooking the panoramic Longgang, all the way to enjoy idyllic scenery along the way, too close to monitor, refrain from being an unprecedented feeling of dynamic experience. Tube chute trolley car simple, dynamic, is a very interesting tourist projects.

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