Saturday, January 3, 2009

Rizhao Aquarium - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rizhao Atoll Reef with a total investment of 280,000,000 yuan, with two of Asia's most sunshine Atoll Reef is located in scenic spots, pleasant weather has long been known as the blue sky, blue sea, the beach promenade called the sunshine, sea and built.

  Rizhao Marine Museum has Asia's longest undersea like 168 meters Acrylic Kwong tunnel and up to 6 meters in diameter of the column landscape acrylic monomers, sunshine along the coast line to become the most spectacular scenic landscape.

Seal Museum Performance is your understanding of the seals, marine animals close to another spot, seal the Yasugongshang performances, you will surely a pleasure to look away, you even Liugejinian seals in a group photo.

Aquarium gentle sunshine bathing water, fine sand, with a total length of 500 meters, is close to the beach with green pine forests, blue sea water after the tour, either on the beach to enjoy healthy sunbathing, or in the shade of pine trees Under the shade is Can get more gold bath.

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