Saturday, January 3, 2009

Square Shengxian - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nan Tianmen is located, Dan Shuangzhu single-wide portal. April on Mount Tai, Danpingyudao open. Among a Myriad Long had six, with Jian Gu linger. Ma Bifeng around the track, over this moss. Fei Liu Xian must sprinkle water radical voice of sorrow song. E Beitiao Franch odd reminder dumping cliffs to the east. Portal Stone closed fan, Xing Yun underground mine. Looking Wang Ying Peng, gold and silver to imagine Taiwan. Tianmen a long laugh, to Miles breeze. Girl on April 5, Chan Hai nine under. Michelia primer-hand, leaving me pregnant Liu Xia. Jishouzaibai, the shame of non-sen before. However, small open universe, what carefree die. Li Bai ----

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