Saturday, January 3, 2009

Natural underground gallery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yishui natural underground gallery of "eco-tourism scenic spots Yimeng located in the township in the first," she and her hometown of Red "- Shandong Province in the first East County hospital stay Hu Yu Heung. Area of three parts: millions of years, including painting on the "Natural underground gallery"; three-star standard according to the planning and construction of the resort - "happy home"; "I Yimeng Valley state "of the forest ecology. Is a set of underground wonders, leisure and entertainment, conferences, dining, living, business, science, health, etc. for Leisure and Recreation Center one.

Millions of years of dust-laden "natural underground gallery" is located in the foothills of Lotus 9, a total length of 6600 meters, the development of a 1600 By the well-known scholar of the National Chinese painting teacher had personally wrote the big-name, many experts as "the first Jiangbei cave." All over the stalactite cave, stalagmites the proliferation of 108 major landscape patterns vary, eye-openers. "Scenery of the North" and "the wonders of the universe" and "southern style", "Underwater World" Four Features a huge picture, was inside the cave, several Shek Mun Road between natural heaven. Mao Zedong Poems "scenery in the north, ice-covered thousands of miles and miles Xuepiao ... ..." "Northern scenery \" a vivid portrayal of the picture; over a stone curtain, from the snow-wrapped into the scenery in the north of the people of the world's amazing, "wonders of the universe "Scroll, Pot, Tianhe, bridges, Cowboy Girl, and other stars Shuoshuo people outside the vast space; Shihmen after another, is the beautiful "southern style" picture, Qi Shan, rocks, sand, small bridge, flowing water to form a Jiangnan rate increase beauty; after "Journey Into Amazing Caves" into the "Underwater World" picture, turtles, sea , You Long, and other animals, waterfall days, Yufeng, Crystal Palace, such as scenery, well that dizzying. Gallery by the magnificent whole, milk stone, stalagmites and columns, Shiman, stone curtain, stone flower, flag stone, stone grapes, goose control, such as Fei Bao pictographic.

"Happy home" and set up the hillside hotel, the building area of 80 0 square meters, according to the three-star standard construction, a project can accommodate 150 beds, 150 of the session, 300 people dining; generous simple architectural style, stone rooms, cottages, pavilions, Cuoluoyouzhi promenade, car parks, Shopping, crafts area, children's park, KTV, mountain climbing, camping account , And other facilities; by the Golden Key International Hotel Organization members - four-star Linyi Tao Ran Hotel, home management, stars and thoughtful service allows you to feel the warmth inside the house.

"Eco-Valley" at 9 Lotus foothills, there are acres of Chestnut into the film, the Mimizaza pine, as much as 85% of the forest Cover, so that all the year round here negative oxygen ions rich and pleasant weather, clean air, it is the ideal "Tianranyangba." North Jiangnan feelings, enjoy life Yimeng, overview of underground wonders, cherish the memory of women's style. Yimeng look forward to your regular home of pleasure "home" to see.

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