Saturday, January 3, 2009

Rizhao Dong Tian Zhu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhu Dong Tian Rizhao City Scenic Area is located in the western end of sunshine, with beautiful accompanied by pay Tuan dependent River, the scenic spot with a total area of 1,000 hectares, of which area of 200 hectares of bamboo, bamboo other area of 400 hectares, 400 hectares of water area.

  The main scenic area by the culture of bamboo garden, garden culture, leisure , Jiangshuaichayuan, native Mao bamboo (Phyllostachys nigra Lin) and the Water Recreation Area 6 domain, constitute the "Bamboo Tea tours, leisure and entertainment," the theme of cultural tourism. Scenic and convenient traffic conditions, location. Long-distance Bus Station here from 8 km away from the three East on highway entrance 5 km away from Japan Beach 17 km, 15 bus terminal in front of the park.

With green spots in the area for more than 80% of the natural growth of bamboo, the owner, on bamboo, Phyllostachys nigra, bamboo, bamboo varieties, such as EB-Jin Xiang, at the same time Piyou special display area of bamboo varieties, is a Tianranyangba, Is a natural botanical garden.

  Scenic Area has fully demonstrated the southern customs and cultural characteristics of bamboo, the park has Zhulou, bamboo pavilion, bamboo corridors and ethnic minority villages, and other scenic areas, opening up a package of food, accommodation, travel services such as shopping facilities, ethnic minority art troupe Year-ethnic song and dance performances for tourists Special visitors with the strong participation of Zhugan Wu, bamboo park, and other entertainment projects.


  The upper reaches of a water park if a mobile scenery, visitors multiplicative Dangzhou bamboo, Shang Jing Wu Pengchuan Accessibility, a group of egrets in the river to play each other (which is the bamboo forest habitat), but also visitors center open Yue.

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