Saturday, January 3, 2009

Great Castle Peak Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Daqing, located southeast of stem Lu of the Yellow Sea, Wulian 7 km southwest of the county seat. Arch peaks Wai, sink a hundred competing stream to form a radius of 20 square kilometers of the well-known scenic spot, taking an all-Feng Shan 36, 108 holes, 6 Tam, 3 Gap, the valley 9, Austin 4, 8 Ping, YU Jing-200, In order to "show, quiet, odd, open," the four Color of North China, said that even take up the ancient Sabina, cloud Temple and the Temple million, the ancient city wall remains, such as Han emperor Liu Bang and cursory crown fell, troops of the Western Expedition folklore, the hue make it more blurred, Yun mysterious pulse. Shanxi well-known scholar of the Qing Dynasty nationality, Chen Yu-Peng Li Bu Yuan Wailang way to Castle Peak, Fu Shi said: "Hong Ya Shi Jing Qu investigate long-MA Scared loaded Denton morning, could not be Mancao wild flowers ..

Temple and the legend million that year Arc de Triomphe Liu Song in this St., next to the ancient temples Sabina has been a thousand years of history. There are like gold Buddha Temple, dedicated to incense.

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