Saturday, January 3, 2009

Yimeng rural customs Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yimeng rural customs of the National Park is well-known eco-tourism agriculture demonstration zones. In the area five kilometers south county, covering an area of 18 square kilometers. The ecological environment beautiful, beautiful natural scenery, ancient human landscape, "Jiangnan".

  Soo River area within nine tributaries such as the meta-Kowloon, blue ring-down , With this moisture irrigation of green fertile soil. 7 million mu of Chestnut, tea, Chuk Yuen, Taoyuan, Xingyuan, apple orchard, where the dress was green everywhere, and vitality. Into the area, as if the world outside of the green, the flowers of the sea, the Kingdom of the Chinese chestnut, the hometown of tea.

  After decades of Hard work, the people of this hilly landform typical of Shandong has become a fruit tea fragrance, Tucui Xiuzhu, the pan-green water of the new world of silver, all the mountains are covered with a green or tea or chestnut or bamboo Prix over the hillside; All the rivers are Xuman a clear stream, the clean water Yingying, tears Falls; towering old trees, shade garden, Drive-You, Raoshan jade belt. Beautiful River, the water finish, walk through the mountains, there is much waste of good fun. Listen to the forest birds, Tanabe Cha Sang view, the air filled with fresh and aromatic, is the ideal place for leisure.

  Here is called the "Kingdom of the Chinese chestnut," indeed a well-deserved reputation. On the river, mountain , Overwhelming, Manshanbianye. Everywhere. With their stream of flow and indirectly. Chestnut 3 million, more than 1,200 trees more than 300 years in age, these age-old chestnut still Climb, Qiushi Chun-hua, Chen Zhao vast and lonely mountains, bamboo Dicui, bridges, winding paths faint, People END In which intoxicated.


Of a crane standing among chickens, "Wang Li," After the vicissitudes of the Millennium, Wei vigorous, fearless straight, waist circumference, there are more than 4 meters, 10 meters high, sturdy trunk forceful, domineering full, six teams circled For dry fly. Every fall, is always fruitful. See, "Wang Li," Jin Dao and texture, A style of the King, gives a strong influence.

  Soo standing in the river beside the river that old chestnut 13, 13 armored like a samurai helmet to wear, the Ming Dynasty was planted. Legend has it that Emperor Qianlong under the Jiangnan Huang Yeh, the way to here, wind and rain suddenly in a hurry to avoid the tree, see 13 dry forest tree, If the shade cover, Long Yan Yue big for their praise of Hu Jia Gong, was called "Shisantaibao."

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