Saturday, January 3, 2009

Rizhao Jiuxian Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiuxian Shan is located in Rizhao City Wulian County, are renowned for their "odd, such as Huangshan, such as Mount Tai Xiu, such as insurance Mountain", is well known. Feng different rocks here, are thousands; spring Fei Bao, quiet good way; flowers, autumn leaves, the Meteorology Series; Home Wolong cents, strange and vivid. The main attractions: the Great Wall of wild azaleas Qi Sun Bin Canyon College Longtan hand Chuen-Feng Shi boots.

In the history of many of the hermit poet, in this regular session, the paper poetry, praise Jiuxian Shan Sheng Jing. Su Shi of the Song Dynasty writer had "nine cents Jingdong exercises had been pressure" from a poem. Sun Bin Victory of the Warring States Maling, Qi resigned from the military adviser, traces the mountains, and finally the election here, the construction of Mao , To give lectures to be together and wrote a monumental work of the military's age-old immortal, "The Art of War Sun Bin."

Jiuxian Shan its towering peaks, green vegetation, ancient culture, in order to form a sightseeing tour for the main types of products. Jiuxian Shan Qifengyidan with as many as Quanbao cave. From the winding streets of the mountain to clear Xiuse Snow suspended Feipu Stephen, from the mysterious rhyme vein to the natural landscape rich in ancient history and culture, are subject to many tourists love to become good tour of the Department.

Jiuxian Shan Nature Reserve in the wild azaleas, the flower color of Li, variety, wide area, not only in the province of very few areas, that is, North China Is rare. Man Shan rhododendron, a Cucu, a film, Qiao Ya, pine, open competition, Ambilight, flashing the wind, enjoy the display, all things Dunsheng long sense.

Sun Bin College, through winding, 36, Longtan through the canyon entrance, came to a quiet deep valleys You will see a College - College Sun Bin. Ancient Sun Bin Junshixuejia in the writing of this, etc. Mission. Thinking back then, Sun Bin sitting in the desk, eyes looking at Manshanbianye red azaleas in full swing, hearing the sound of BUZZ spring water, your breath meditation, to write a military school on the immortal masterpiece --- "Sun The Art of War. " Thinking back then, sitting in the forum, Sun Bin, in the face of devout disciples, teaching Bingshuxuanli reel, a pressing task before the Shujuan phone-in color; chanting methotrexate, cater to the needs of the Voice of swords. Little Valley, the interpretation of the plan to dominate the Western hegemony.

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