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18 - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Taishan Mountain Road site for some of the most Xian Yao, a total of more than 1,600 stone-level, Mount Tai was one of the main signs. Hill cliff here as the two cut, a steep set mosaic Road, which, from afar, like the door-day ladder. The majestic Mount Tai, the best 18, Tai Shan's magnificent, climbing to do in the middle!

  In 18 North Matsuyama. Gao Fu above the two-Gadao Cliff, formerly known as the Cloud Gate, the mountains of this, for the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong during the winding mountain path into production. Since then, and only 18. Longmen mountains to the north, the old Longmen Square, after the crash. West Rock has Daoguangnianjian Wei-ching Mokekuangcao "Dragon" in large letters. East Square, the site for the Large Dragon valley, the waters of the rainy season to the gorge, flying If the diarrhea.

  Before the new bets. Ming Wanli, the political cross-Lu Jian Jian crossing bridge, and Shun-long valley on the winding mountain path of the new source of repair, direct access to the Temple Oriental Height South Gate of God, who Dengdai top up and down very easily. Winding mountain path and bridge were destroyed in?????.

  North Hill two new bets rise steeply, Longyan fly to the East and West to Feng Ling, in Yixian Tian, who Shek Pik Valley. There Nantian Men Valley, under Shengxian Square, connected by 18. Nantian Men are just Taniguchi, Taishan is the old buildings to make full use of the geographical environment, in order to highlight the power of artificial and natural landscape model, Mount Tai is one of the key markers. Look up at the door days, no disk steep road, Inverted ladder. Shek Pik on both sides of the Valley, "Zhang Xiao-day gate", "Ya-Valley" and "door-day ladder", "Rudeng horizon," all engraved.

  Taishan 3 of 18, said. Since the mountains to the goal of "Slow 18", and then to Shengxian Square for the "leisurely and 18" and Nan Tianmen to as a "tight 18", a total of Order more than 1630. "Tight 18" West a rock cliff left, the Buddha silhouette cephalic pillow, a high nose and bald, the smiling Yan-chee, the welcoming of the Buddha.

  18 rock rise steeply, the angle of 70-80 degrees in less than 1 km distance of 400 meters high.

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