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Li scenic FORMATION - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Yugongyishan, the transformation of China, Li FORMATION is a good example." This is the Chairman Mao Zedong on October 9, 1957 FORMATION Li on the instructions of the glorious Since then, unknown FORMATION Li, the famous one at home and abroad and become National Agricultural front of a banner. In the 1950s and 1960s, came to visit The study on domestic and foreign friends as much as 50 million.

  Since reform and opening up, Li FORMATION people seize the opportunity and advance with the times, focusing on economic construction, all-round building of a harmonious society, various social undertakings flourishing. Today, Li FORMATION to red tourism as the center, forming a garden - Stone carving City - Sun boring Memorial Hall, Stone Temple Tieniu iron meteorites - FORMATION Li Gallery - Cherry Orchard million tourists a red line, to an annual tourist visitors reached more than 60,000 people.
  Li FORMATION located in the central provincial town of Linyi City, "the door to the East" - Pingshang 6 km north of the town, with the East Xing Kong City adjacent to the city of Rizhao, Lianyungang in the south, the railway Yan Shi, Ji-lan highway running through the territory, close to the provisional "three two Hong Kong - high-speed" (Arashiyama Hong Kong, Hong Kong Shijiu, Lianyungang, Linyi airport, airport Lianyungang , With three high-speed). Pingshang jurisdiction in the town of 50 administrative villages, 63,800 population, with a total area of 118 ping Km, a significant advantage, has a long history and culture, beautiful scenery, rich tourism resources, has now formed a feature of the four major tourist attractions:
  Red tourist attractions - Li FORMATION exhibition hall. To sum up FORMATION Li people's glorious history, Pingshang town Party committees and governments in accordance with Party Secretary Li Qun comrades to "Li FORMATION exhibition hall built to traditional education base for the revolution", more than 150 million investment in the reconstruction FORMATION Li Gallery, the exhibition area of 760 square meters, 420 meters long with display, with more than 600 precious historical pictures , In-kind more than 80, according to the hard work, wrote a brilliant, three years into the future Li were again sub-FORMATION hard work, spirit of the pioneers. Opened in May 2005, at home and abroad to attract a million tourists come to visit on tourism.
Humanities natural attractions - Stone Temple Tieniu iron meteorites and boring Sun Kai-shek Memorial Hall. Since the shape of the Tang Dynasty, there Tieniu "Tianwailaike" - Stone iron meteorite in the Village set up Tieniu, 1200 have been years ago. Tieniu meteorite 1.4 meters long, 0.8 meters wide, the volume of 0.7 cubic meters, weighing about 4 tons, according to the research is a high iron content in the world, has been identified as a county-level cultural relics. Sun Memorial Hall, located boring big temple Tieniu The village is 199 By Sun's family of man-made after Royal Assent Emperor Jiajing in the Ming Dynasty to commemorate the national heroes Kangwo Sun boring, donations from more than 30 million reconstruction, an area of about 6 acres, 80 meters long from north to south, east 46 meters wide.
Ecological Agriculture and Tourism - mu Cherry Orchard. Pingshang the town of Cherry cultivation has more than 200 years of history To a large, uniform, Se Yan, delicious, and the precocious known, and known as "township of Cherry" in the world. In recent years, the town of Pingshang based on characteristics, the development of the cherry industry calendar, a set of ornamental flowers and food as one of the ecological environment-friendly Cherry Orchard 1 million, before and after the Ching Ming flowers, fresh fruit after the holiday on May 1, the initial shape "Village Road, a line a hundred, one million mu of Cherry Park, 1,000,000 Cherry linked film, please do not cherry jin Park, the income of farmers 50,000,000," the pattern of agricultural eco-tourism. 2003 Cherry for the registration of the "good example" brand trade mark, in May 2005, which hosted the first Cherry Festival has greatly improved the well-known Pingshang Cherry and brand value to attract the tourists come in all directions, the sales income of more than 4,000 yuan.
Enterprise tourist attractions - Garden City, stone-carving. Pingshang stone carving is the industry's traditional strengths in order to Pingshang stone factory as a leader, radiation from stone carving, sheet metal processing plant 1 More than 0, production of stone carving, sheet metal, such as construction and fitting more than 2,000 varieties of products, best-selling Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia more than a dozen countries. Garden-style stone carving representing the city of stone carving and handicraft Zhang significant natural landscape art combine to form a harmonious natural scenery, into a new Tour projects.

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